Beach in the bathroom

Important points for creativity

to turn your bathroom into something like the beach, you need to think creatively.First, use any decoration nautical theme - shells, pebbles, etc.Hung a curtain with a sandy beach and palm trees, you will not achieve the desired effect.Here you have a wide scope for the imagination.Use all of the ideas, as long as the process and the result of their implementation has brought you pleasure.

Get rid of white

White walls in the bathroom are catching up only boredom.To create the right "coastal" design, use natural colors of the sea coast.Choose paint warm sandy colors.You can use blue, green or purple-gray.The most important thing when choosing a paint color - that it is to your liking.

Call of the Wild

Make your bathroom a living by adding a few tropical plants, for example, you can put a vase with bamboo .If you are in the bathroom there is no natural light, look at the finish of vegetable material.Bamboo has a natural texture and is well suited for use in t

he bathroom.Arrange them to a mirror or other piece of furniture.

Enjoy your vacation at "home beach"!

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