Time cleanliness

In order to work effectively, share all you need to do a few basic groups.Proceed to the general cleaning of the summer in good weather and clear skies.Start with windows.First of all, remove and wash all the curtains.It is better if the washing frames and glass will man, business is not easy.Windows leave open.Obmetite dust ceiling and walls with a special brush or stick to the wound clean cloth.Carpets should be put to the street, a good knock and leave in the sun at least half a day.Yet another good option carpet cleaning - take them to the country and there is a good clean with a hose with water.

It would be great if you could bring to the street upholstered furniture, but in most cases it is too difficult, and sometimes impossible task.But you can at least clean all sofas, mattresses and chairs with a vacuum cleaner.Remove all items from the cabinets, carefully wipe all the shelves with a damp cloth and leave the door wide open for ventilation.Put everything back in the bag collecting things th

at you need to throw out or give away.Then, enjoy a warm coat.Coat should be thoroughly shake and hang it on a wide hanger, covered with a cover material, free flowing of air.Coats and jackets leather store in a similar manner.The cabinet is necessary to hang bags of lavender, it smells good and repels moles.

warm knitted things on hangers did not hold, because of this they lose their shape better to use special bags.If you have not removed the warm shoes, make it mandatory.Wash, dry, brush with cream, ventilate and place of cardboard boxes all boots and shoes, after inserting them in a special holder or loosely stuffed with newspapers, this will help avoid strain.If the shoes are bad smells, wipe it from the inside with hydrogen peroxide.Take away the things that you definitely will not be worn in the summer.

Review your wardrobe, maybe from something it is time to get rid of.You can follow the rule: if the thing were not more than a year - it's time to look for a new host.Package with unnecessary things take to a nearby charity.

cleaning the kitchen - not an easy task, you may have to postpone it to the next day.Remove all items from the cabinets, get rid of cracked dishes and other unnecessary things.Thoroughly wash their lockers and leave ventilated.Clean wall tiles, stove and refrigerator with a special agent.If you're going to go for a vacation, it will be necessary to turn off the refrigerator and defrost previously get rid of all perishable products.To thoroughly clean the floor, you need to move all the furniture and do not forget the baseboards and long corners.Better use of any cleaner, you can use natural ingredients.For example, the infusion of nettle and sage added to plain water, will give your home a clean and beautiful natural flavor.

Clean the house at the end of a bathroom, the principle is exactly the same as in the kitchen.

brings to the street and leave bask in the sun for a few hours, all that can be: mats, blankets, mattresses, blankets, pillows.Properly ventilate the apartment, especially good to do it right after a heavy rain, then the room was filled with indescribable freshness.Try to throw out or give away the needy as much as possible of things that are no longer needed and only take up space in vain.It is not just about clothes but about toys, broken skis, unused vessels.Try to make a permutation and change something - for example, buy a new bright curtains in the kitchen.

After all the work you feel you did a great job, and the apartment is now much easier to breathe.

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