How to store products

products that are not stored in the refrigerator

They are best stored in a dark place and not be exposed to direct sunlight.

The storage capacity need to put a bit of salt that will absorb moisture, such as a grain of rice, starch, blotting paper.In this case, the salts will not form lumps.

Spices should be stored in opaque jars.The lids should be tightly closed.For their placement choose a dry place away from stoves and heating devices.Spices beans do not need to grind in advance, it should be done immediately prior to use.

longer Coffee beans are stored in jars (glass, metal) in a dry and cool place.

Leaf tea - in a glass or porcelain dish.

cereals, flour and starch stored in airtight jars.And not to be wound up bugs on the bottom of the dish to put raw garlic cloves and salt in a gauze bag.

sugar should be stored in airtight containers (plastic, glass) with a tight screw cap.

Bread stored in special bread bins, glass or enamel pot.It will keep fresh for a long time if you keep it a piece

of apple.For long-term storage of bread and pastry can be put in the fridge.

Jam longer it will stay fresh and not "bloom", if you cover it with a thin layer of wax.Pre-need to melt the wax and gently pour onto the surface of the cooled jam.Banks can be closed with paper and a good tie.

Ripe bananas are separated from each other.So they prolezhat longer.

Fruits, vegetables, berries

Lemons will remain as fresh in a large bowl with cold water.Also, lemons and oranges for a long time are stored in plastic bags or sealed container in a cool place.Pre-lubricate them with oil.

To keep apples, they smeared with glycerine.Then, each fruit wrapped in paper.If shriveled apples to hold several hours in cold water, they acquire the original form.Peeled apples do not darken in the cold, slightly salted water.

to store lingonberry berries are sorted, washed and densely filled into glass jars and pour cool boiled water.Closed and kept for three days in a cool place.Thereafter, the water is drained and fresh was added.Tightly sealed jars are kept in a cool dark place.

Fresh cabbage long shelf life if cabbage wrap with newspaper and put them in a cool dry place.But remember, cabbage should not touch each other.

Pickled cucumbers are not moldy, if the open jar on top put the grated horseradish.Pickles have to get out of the jar clean spoon or fork.

Cooked vegetables are never stored in water.

Carrot remain fresh, if it is to sprinkle a little water in which to boil the husks of onions.And in boxes with moist sand carrots long withered.

Fresh tomatoes kept longer if they put up the stem.

Raw vegetables, wrapped in a wet towel will stay fresh longer.

greens before storing washed, dried, wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a plastic bag.Keep in the refrigerator should be.

Products that are stored in the refrigerator

Cooked meat and poultry stored in a covered pot.You can also leave it in a little broth.

Fresh fish should be kept in the refrigerator or at a temperature not higher than + 6 ° C.

Eggs are also best kept in the refrigerator.Each egg should be well wrapped in paper and sometimes flip.

When boiling milk in it add sugar (1 tbsp. Spoon on 1 liter), it will stay longer.

fillets moistened with water mixed with lemon juice.Then dry.Packed in plastic bags and stored in the refrigerator.

Cheese should be stored in an airtight container.It can put a lump of sugar.

Open cans of canned shift into another bowl (glass or enameled cups) and store in the refrigerator.

Meat, fish, poultry, and semi-finished products for long-term storage is placed in the freezer.But do not keep food in it more than a month, otherwise they will be in the preparation of tasteless.

If refrigerated felt an unpleasant smell, put on the shelf pieces of black bread.A day later, the smell will disappear.


not buy a lot of products for the future - long-term storage, they lose their flavor.

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