How to move

  • Prepare a list of your belongings, which require the most attention when moving.This home appliances, tableware, ceramics, glass, paintings, furniture.They must be packed carefully.
  • Prepare in advance packaging boxes.Buy them at the store or Retrieve.
  • Expensive and valuables, documents and valuables assemble and pack personally.Transfer the car on their own, or put it in your hand luggage , if you plan to fly an airplane.
  • Such overall things like pillows, blankets, winter clothes add up into big plastic bags.
  • ordinary clothes, shoes, bedding can be packed in boxes or folded into a suitcase.Do not fold things too tightly, so they retained their former appearance.
  • Books can be transported in ordinary boxes .As an option - to distribute the books into piles, shrink-wrapped and well tie.
  • Everything related dishes, a variety of vases, figurines and other fragile items.Every thing you need to individually wrap paper or bubble wrap.Putting them in a box, you can further put between towels, s
    oft toys or anything like that.Only in this way you will protect them from damage during shipping.
  • boxes with fragile items need to be marked.Write in large letters for the movers of the contents inside.Then they will carry with care.Before moving these boxes is better to put separately from other cargo that does not confuse.
  • Do not make boxes too heavy.This is inconvenient for loading, in addition, they can break.Their weight must not exceed 30 kg.
  • As packaging items, signed by each box.Short information about what is inside, helps you to quickly analyze things after moving.
  • for paintings need a special box or you can protect them from damage by wrapping the frame with a soft layer and tied them together.
  • Carefully wrap in something soft mirrors and glass shelves.Use stretch film (this winding stretch material from high-density polyethylene in rolls).
  • small household appliances carry in "native" package.If it's gone, use a conventional box.Pre-wrap technique bubble wrap.
  • Overall household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, stove, etc.), prepare to move in advance.It must be the day before the move to turn off, rub and unload the contents.So you save a lot of time during loading.
  • Take care of your computer.Make copies of all important data on backup media.

  • If you have pets, consider how you will carry them.You may need a special carrying bag.
  • Upholstered furniture, wrap in plastic wrap.This will protect it from scratches and dust during transportation.
  • All the rest of the furniture should be dismantled.It is convenient for transportation.To prevent scratching, each element or detail of the wrap in foil.Make a marker on the tape line, so you can collect it without any problems again.Add accessories separately for packets with markings from what it furniture.So you will avoid confusion in the new location.
  • Large kitchen appliances that do not break (pots, kettles, frying pans) can be wrapped in paper and folded in a bag or box.
  • If you will be transported filled with liquids, check their covers.Put them in a durable bags and tie.Check that during transport they are not in contact with hard objects and were not upside down.

  • the new location does not have to bowl with defects in the form of cracks and chips;old clothes that you do not put on;broken items.In a word - trash.At the same time you will spend an audit of its belongings and get rid of excess cargo when moving.
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