How to tune in to the cleaning?

Board 1. The correct view of the cleaning

typical view of the cleaning - tedious, unpleasant thing, a waste of time, a heavy burden. But is terrible "beast" as he is painted?In real life, any business has pros and cons.What we see and perceive more quickly?What is the benefit for us.To ignore the cons and pros only be movable, need motivation.For example, you need to dig a deep hole.You have only a shovel, no gloves and overalls.Recently, a shower of rain, the land turned into mud.Are you sure that in the process and get dirty natret calluses on his hands.And yet, in your eyes "lit" willingness to get down to business.Because you know that the goal is worth it, for example, you have to dig up the treasure, or a bag of money.

What can give us cleaning: washing floors, dusting, folding things, throwing rubbish and so on.?People say: "Appetite comes with eating."Even without sentiment, and came to restore order in the house, you will not notice, like forget about fatigue.Cleaning will turn int

o a celebration.In your eyes a house transformed into a cozy place like Cinderella - a princess.The main motivation for cleaning is that sweeping all dust, debris and dirt, putting things on the shelves, the house is filled with positive energy, sunlight and heat.And cleaning - is the key to human health, and all the members of his family.Surely you remember about this precept, which heard since childhood: "Clean - the guarantee of health."

Council 2. The musical accompaniment

At this point, I want to remember the Soviet times.Then, often carried out voluntary work (unpaid).And that people are actively doing the work, and were in a good mood, the guide includes lively music.A great example to follow.According to the observations of scientists, music, especially classical, positive effect on the heart, lungs, blood pressure, improves memory.So, turn on the music favorite artists and enjoy a nice rhythm cleaning.

Council 3. The sequence of cleaning

Make a plan of action, where and how will start to move.The main thing in this issue - the effort and the ability not to spoil the subsequent actions that have already done.To prematurely tired, beat several cleaning stages.Please walk with a vacuum cleaner or a broom on the walls and ceiling.Next, proceed to wash the windows, which are the "eyes" of your home.Through the glass clean all the rooms full of the energy of the sun, sparkle with bright colors.If you have a balcony, be sure to place the order on him.Decorate it with flowers in pots, put a table and chairs to enjoy the fresh air in the evenings, drink tea or read magazines.If the water for washing floors add a couple of drops of any essential oil, the house is filled with a pleasant aroma.

Tip 4. Think about the result of cleaning!

Firstly, even if you are quite tired, restoring order in the house, you can easily compare with fitness.In the process of cleaning involves all muscles, and that way you can keep yourself in shape.Second, the cleanliness and order in the house reduces the risk of depression and bad mood.Third - improves mood.Fourth, you are overwhelmed with pride in themselves and their homes - now you do not ashamed to invite friends to visit.And most importantly, that you show love to him and people close to you!

So happy to get out and enjoy the cleanliness and order!

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