Chebbi-chic interior

This style emerged in the late eighties of the last century.The ancestor is considered to be an Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell, the owner of the chain stores of the same name.It begins with the fact that life has returned to old furniture and other items to decorate your own home.Later, her creations have become popular, they are happy to buy.Many were inspired by it is to do something like that with his own hands.

Key elements of style Shabby-chic:

  • use in the interior of white and light pastel colors: ivory, boil-white, light blue, pale pink.
  • effect abrasions on various subjects, they should look like, as if they were painted several times and previous paint dark places can be seen through the new white layer.
  • best flooring - aged wood, parquet.
  • ceiling sostarivayut artificially, creating the effect of peeling whitewash, as a result of its color turns light gray.
  • presence painted or varnished surfaces cracelures (cracks).
  • Delicate ornament with pastoral motifs: roses, angels and the like, all
    in pastel colors.No geometric shapes, just barely visible stripes or cell.
  • use light natural fabrics (cotton and linen) with a floral pattern.
  • Paper wallpaper in soft strip or with a barely noticeable floral patterns.
  • bright covers on the furniture (sofas and armchairs), chairs upholstered.
  • pictures on the walls depicting scenes from everyday life pacifying.
  • Using different interior made with their hands.
  • combination of different styles.Chebbi-chic combines a variety of styles, from country to Rococo.The main principle - Interior items must be old, but sturdy, and combined with each other in color.

Interior style Shabby-chic

furniture interior in this style is almost impossible to find in retail stores, it is better to look in antique shops, flea markets and sales.In addition, such things are often stored in attics in houses with history, they only need to repair and paint.These pieces of furniture are a great field for creativity.For example, using the technique of decoupage, you can turn an old grandmother's cupboard now decoration for the home.The subject of the interior in the style Chebbi-chic can be almost everything: ancient TV or radio idle on legs, massive chandeliers, gramophone, vases, old striking clock, a huge gold-plated mobile phone and the like.Used furniture with rounded shapes, elegant handles, oval mirror framed in broad, plump armchairs and sofas with a small floral pattern.This style is very important to bringing your own personality to the surrounding objects: a blanket that you knit long winter evenings, photos, a hundred years ago in the framework of self-made, made in the style of decoupage, lace napkins.It is important to show that this home has its own history, traditions are honor and memory of ancestors.Old furniture is not soundly attributed to a landfill to replace the cheap modern analogue, and repair and give a new life.This interior is truly able to inspire.

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