How to register alterations

Comfort - how much of this word.This comfortable ride, and the rest of the system "all inclusive", and easy access to basic services, but most importantly - it is comfort in their own apartment.In it you will spend most of his life.So how do you make it easier and more enjoyable, when a change of wallpaper does not help?This will help you re-planning: apartment remain in the same limits, but the rooms and auxiliary rooms can be modified to make your home unique and functionally convenient for you personally, will allow to use the space to the maximum.

Think how positively affect the division of the bath and toilet room!A superfluous part corridor can easily become a springboard for new furniture in your room, combining the kitchen to the hall will achieve several goals - this extra room and dining establishment (which is very fashionable in recent years), and one TV in twoplaces.

But before you start dreaming and break and destroy everything you need to learn some important information.

Firstly, despite the fact that the apartment is in the property, be sure to obtain the permission of local authorities (eg district administration).To do this, you need to prepare some documents, which will include: certificate of ownership housing (or an extract from the Unified State Register), product data (obtained at the BTI), a single housing document from Unified Information and Settlement Centre , andas the proposed redevelopment project areas. redevelopment project to be agreed in Sanepidemstantsii, Office of the State Fire Service, the Directorate single customer (EDZ), Planning Authority, BTI . Complete this statement and wait for the approval from the authorities.As soon as it is received can safely begin repairs.In the end result takes the same governing body.After receiving the BTI new product data, and if necessary, change the title documents (when the number of rooms, total area of ​​apartments or association).

If you have already made alterations, then do not despair.In this case, you still need to write an application for recognition of redevelopment to the head of the administration of your district.Almost always the answer comes the refusal to register, but do not panic.Legalize it can be through the courts.

This is done as follows: you write a petition to the District Court Administration at the address (the same area where your apartment) "On recognition of redevelopment law."It identifies the input parameters (of cadastral and technical passports for the apartment).Then, describe the nature and type of changes made.At the end of the claim must necessarily be reflected that the changes do not affect the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, and also does not impair the technical characteristics of the house.

In both cases, registration of redevelopment can not pass without examination innovations.The specialist must check the technical condition of the apartment, make a conclusion about the nature of the walls to be demolished (now demolished).Be careful: the load-bearing walls can not be completely clean, otherwise it will increase the load on the carcass structure, which may lead to the destruction of the building (cracks, collapse, etc.) that just affects the rights of third parties.
If you decide to move the wall, the new wall have to be made of a material of the previous wall - that is the rule of SNIP.

to transfer the kitchen or bathroom also set special requirements.This will require special infrastructure: pipes should be carried out to the sink, sink and washing machine, electricity and gas.Particularly complex transfer of a toilet room in relation to the availability of a special retraction, but now the problem is eliminated by using special filters (recycling system).But in this case, the diverter pipe must go into the drain.Once your application has been approved, it will set a hearing, which must be attended by representatives of the local government , FSUE "Rostehinventarizatsiya-Federal BTI», expert and, if necessary, the witnesses.As jurisprudence shows, the majority of decisions - positive, becomes the main document expert's report, third parties are not at the meeting.If the claim is not satisfied, it can appeal to a higher authority, or have to return the premises to their original state.

Useful information

  1. list of companies that can carry out inspection of the apartment, to evaluate the technical condition, as well as create a qualified opinion of make alterations can be found on the Internet, the cost of expert opinion on the redevelopment of approximately 2500 rubles
  2. If your apartment is in a mortgage, you need to register the consent of money-lender (creditor).
  3. In any case, you must make changes to the technical passport of the object, they can be seen on the plan of arrangement of internal partitions apartments.
  4. necessary to distinguish reorganization, redesign, reconstruction.The first implies a change, the introduction of additional engineering, heating systems, pipelines, transfer, organization of toilets and bathrooms.The second is connected with the walls and floor (sealing doorways, combining space vertically, internal stairs).Renovation includes changes related to the external borders of the dwelling (balconies, canopies, door).
  5. If redevelopment is not related to interference with the supporting structures and repurposing rooms (for example, built-in wardrobe, plasterboard partition walls), the draft amendments can be replaced by a sketch that will cost you much cheaper.

And finally, the registration of redevelopment is important for transactions with an apartment, that is, if you do not intend to sell, donate or otherwise dispose of the apartment, with the registration of "illegal" re-planning can wait.

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