Construction of studio apartments

Layout with the lack of partitions makes it possible to show imagination and create unique interiors and keep the unity of space, even on the smallest space.For one or two people can arrange studio apartment, so that the owners do not have to feel uncomfortable while staying at home, but still could host guests without stumbling over the furniture, and not suffering from tightness.

studio apartments are often made of normal Khrushchev - a one-room or two-room.Simply make alterations , or rather tear down the walls, and you get a spacious and unusual accommodation with combined kitchen and living room.Bedroom, study and a wardrobe fit on very small space.By the way, the office or work area is still better to bring to the living room, so as not to disturb the atmosphere of peace and rest in the bedroom.People who lead an active lifestyle and are rarely at home, it is better not to save space bedroom and make a really comfortable bed.

Zonirovat this apartment is recommended using the furniture, but not

the curtains or screens.It was a free-flowing energy of life - a distinctive feature of the studio apartments.Although permitted to make a curtain or a low wall that separates the bedroom from the rest of the home.It is also good to look up to a meter high partition on which you can place books, photographs or beautiful trinkets, and inside - some shelves for the right things.

In order to enhance the effect of freedom and sufficient space, the floor in all parts of the apartment from the hallway to the bedroom area can be made uniform in color and texture.This technique is very simple, but it works wonders, increasing visually flat.Sex can be light or dark, it's not so important - in this case rely on your own taste.

The apartment-studio is very important light and bright colors of the walls and ceiling.Dark, colorful, overly bright wallpaper, distracting the attention will be annoying, and after a couple of months, plunged into depression, and the residents will make less likely to be at home.The walls of the small room must be light!

If the apartment is located on the sunny side, consider yourself lucky.Sunlight allows you to visually expand the space.Leave the windows open as much as possible, make a transparent curtain.If the opposite is true, it should take care of the artificial light sources - lamps with regulating height, small and exquisite chandeliers with fluorescent lighting, small lamps on the walls, table lamps, floor lamps more.The more light, the better.

very important feature studio apartments - functionality.In this room you will need to do - relax, receive guests, work, cook, store clothes, engage in a hobby and more.Therefore, useful and interesting solutions to save space - high bed with a large chest of drawers under it, the bed on the second floor and on the ground - placing the working area with a computer, an abundance of cabinets built into the wall in the most unexpected places.Also useful clothes hangers from the ceiling, a folding sofa, a compact table, retractable into the wall, bed-transformer, the use of sliding walls and shelves.

By combining the kitchen and dining area in the apartment creates an atmosphere of comfort and ease, besides saving space.You can divide the kitchen and dining bar - it's convenient and beautiful.If the apartment is very small bar can be thin, made of glass , moreover, in this case, better to do without the bar stools and give guests the opportunity to comfortably placed on a couch and chairs.

to the dining room is better to choose a round table with chairs than square, interfering with their sharp angles and occupying too much space.Instead of bulky and solid chairs, you can choose easy chairs ottomans, bright and comfortable.Fortunately, many of these are now on sale - choose a suitable coloring and scatters these chairs all over the apartment.

small bookcase of lightweight material share a bedroom and living area, window sills can be placed under the small lockers and clothes hang in the semi-transparent or mirror cabinets, creating an effect of depth.Perfect for interior design small apartment Mural overlooking the city or the beauty of nature, glued to the living room area.The abundance of mirrors, too, do a good job.

Observe the dynamics in each of the apartments, rigidity and avoid the feeling of peace.The diagonal or transverse stripes on the floor to help visually expand the narrow room lights also come in handy here long walls.Different colors of the walls in different areas, contrasting with the color of the walls of the furniture, multilevel ceiling and ceiling lights with different saturation - all this will make the apartment more lively and interesting.

In the interior studio apartments to use as possible harmoniously combined with each other elements.Wallpaper or tiles in different zones can be set off by a good friend of a different color and a texture in furniture should be a single line, and the decorations and paintings on the walls should overlap each other.Good reception - contrasting picture on the wall in the semantic center of the apartment, eye-catching and stands for "point of reference".

In general, the main recommendation when you make a small apartment - keep the harmony of colors, textures and forms, follow the dynamics of persistence and leave as much free space.You'll see - a cozy apartment, you can make even the most extreme of a small living space.

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