Crafts from squash: entertain kids

Children usually carved crafts from dried leaves, buds, beans, twigs and berries.Encourage them to try to make crafts from squash - they are not only unusual, but also very beautiful, and to make them is not difficult.

Crafts from squash

Crafts from squash - entertain kids Patissons, due to their unusual shape, can be used to make wonderful crafts - flying saucers, example.For the production of a flying saucer, you will need a small squash, food foil and toothpicks or matches.

first squash foil wrap very tightly.Then wrap it well and matches with the head and the side without head squash slide in the bottom to make your flying saucer feet.That's done!

also by making crafts from squash, they can paint or paste over various objects and varnish. glued various objects on the best scallops using double-sided tape, because the glue can damage the squash.

Crafts from squash: entertain kids

can make such and articles made of squash, like a magic caterpillar or Brownie .

tracks you need to be a few squash suitable size (so that they ca

n be folded descending), as well as gypsy thick needle twine or wiring to connect squash.Strung on a tourniquet, first bright button, and then the scallops, starting with the smallest.High strung squash, anchoring the string of another button - this top tracks.Now draw a colored markers or glue paper cut eyes and a smile to our caterpillar.

Crafts from squash: entertain kids

To make domovenka except 2 squash of different sizes need more maple « helicopter », as well as colorful ribbons for decoration, toothpick in order to seal the scallops, blackor sweet pepper (2 peas to make the eyes) and double sided tape.

Take the scallops, making holes in them and connect with a toothpick, putting the smaller one, the one that more.Between squash insert 2 sprigs with "helicopter" and fasten them to the double sided tape - it will be our hands domovenka.

From the "helicopter" makes the hair on the head domovenka, fixing them like fish scales on the double sided tape.

Now take a small knife and scrape holes for the eyes, and then to insert peas pepper.And we tie between squash ribbon - Brownie is now ready and very outfit!

Such crafts from squash perfectly entertain and take you and your children.

Crafts from squash: entertain kids

If you do not squash, you can use to craft squash or pumpkin . Crafts turn out very different and unusual.

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