Fighting enuresis in children

disease enuresis

Enuresis - urinary incontinence, a disease common in preschool children, from 4 to 7 years.It noticed that boys suffer from this problem several times more often girls.

How can parents help their child?

Wise to see a doctor and follow all its recommendations.The basic "medicine" is considered to sleep and rise at the same time.Before going to sleep, the child is better not to watch TV and play games.But a walk before going to bed should never be neglected.

Pay attention to a toddler bed.Many people think that soft bed - this is good, but it is recommended to sleep on a firm mattress, with slightly raised legs.This advice applies especially boys.

scold the child for a wet bed do not need to, because he is also very concerned about this, and from your reproaches it will only get worse.There is also the likelihood of child trauma.

Remember, do not attract a lot of attention to this issue, and especially to mention it in front of strangers people. If your baby is sleeping

in a strange bed, then, as a rule, he wakes up dry.

Before going to bed do not let your child drink plenty of fluids.Doctors often recommend eating as little as possible of the liquid in the afternoon.Remember, products such as yogurt, milk or fruit contribute to the diuretic effect.So that they, too, need to be more careful.But a spoonful of honey or a piece of cheese before bedtime - it is what we need.

Sometimes the use of such advice really helps to cope with the disease.However, sometimes it becomes a cause of daily torment for a child, which prohibits drinking before going to bed, causing conflicts and exacerbating the situation.

before the child goes to bed, be sure to remind him of the toilet.Pot next to the bed may help if your child wakes up at night.Many children are afraid of the dark, so do not go to the toilet at night.In this case it is better to include a small night light beside the bed and leave overnight.

good option if you wake the baby and talk to him to go to the toilet.Surely you know approximately how much it usually manifests his incontinence.Thus, you as if he produces a "reflex."And remember, the child should not simply take the bathroom half asleep, it must be fully awaken!

! not use diapers - it will only aggravate the situation.

In the case of a child is old enough, ask him yourself perestelit bed and go into the shower.

can struggle with enuresis translate into game shape.For example, get a calendar and mark it with your child every night, when it was dry, and do not forget to encourage him for it!

Enuresis and involves treatment with drugs, but it is determined by the physician based on the causes of the disease.

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