Insulation izosoft: properties and temperature conditions

izosoft material was developed in Belgium and is widely used.The unique properties of the insulation quickly made him popular in the production of all types of clothing, especially children's clothing.As they say, the best - to children!What is so good insulation izosoft?

Benefits insulation izosoft

Insulation izosoft (Isosoft): properties and temperature conditions

Izosoft - a unique material, which is balls ultrafine fibers, binding between two layers of fabric.The outer layer eliminates the ingress of cold air in and keeps you warm.Thus, working clothes inside the greenhouse effect.But do not be afraid to sweat: insulation izosoft good by the fact that the output allows the moisture out.

If you compare the layers of insulation of equal weight, izosoft 4 times warmer syntepon .The small thickness izosofta allows you to comfortably use insulation in sports, fashion and children's clothing. baby clothing, insulated izosoftom not freeze and will not resemble awkward snegovichka - not have to wear a jacket several layers of clothing.

Insulation izosoft (Isosoft): properties and temperature conditions

outer layers izosofta exclude penetration of fiber insulation between the fibers of the fabric.This distinguishes it from the fluff, which is often "migrate" through the lining and upper fabric.This allows you to combine any izosoft insulation materials.

izosofta structure in the form of beads allows him to quickly recover from compression, long time to keep the properties even after repeated washings.Another important advantage insulation izosoft - hypoallergenic, confirmed by numerous European quality certificates.It is completely safe, even for children.

Plostnost and temperature

Depending on the density of izosofta it can feel comfortable at a temperature of +10 to -25 ° C.For the off-season warm enough 40 - 70 g / sq.m., to the dank and cold weather - 100 - 150 g / sq.m. 200 will protect from frost - 300 g / sq.m. izosofta.

information about the density of the filler izosofta found on a label.

Terms care

Products izosoftom insulated, can be cleaned in dry cleaning, but they are easy to wash by hand and in the washing machine at 30 - 40 ° C. Warning: make sure that the detergent does not contain chlorine.

Upright izosoft dries quickly.It is necessary to drain the water, and it is almost dry.

Keep clothes from izosofta need rolled up rather than folded .

Follow these basic rules and warm clothing will serve you more than one season.

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