Funny articles made of carrots with their hands

Vegetables - is the most noble, safe and inexpensive material for children's crafts.For example, fun crafts from carrots with their hands, you can do without the expense and effort.

Why carrot

Crafts from carrots Photo

So why should give preference to the carrot?Firstly, it is a fairly long shelf life and does not wither.Secondly, it is easy to operate: it is solid, but at the same time, lends itself to cutting.In addition, this vegetable does not slip in hand (after all, a little juice in it).And, thirdly, the carrot is not expensive, so a lot of money to spend do not have to.And crafts of carrot with his hands beautiful and funny.

Several options craft carrot

gnome carrot

For its production, you will need:

  • 1 carrot of medium size;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • matches or toothpicks;
  • markers (or better inks) of different colors;
  • knife.

1. To begin, cut all the details for the gnome.The tip cut off.It will be a cap of a gnome.With the top cut off a couple of rings.This will be her hands.Now three r

ings cut off from the bottom of the carrots.This will be blank for the legs and head.You will be the average of the carrot - the future of the body.

2. Now proceed to connect all parts of the body.In the lower part of the body blanks insert two toothpicks (or matches) parallel to each other.At their ends pinned bars for legs.Now attach the hands-toothpicks and stick to them the palm.Fingers can be made from pieces of toothpicks.

3. To attach the upper body neck (it is, of course, will also be a toothpick), placing her head.And on his head, attach the cap from the tip of the carrot (it can be done also by using the match).

4. Now cut a vest made of paper and attach it.Draw a face.Done!

These are unusual and fun crafts made of carrots with their hands can be done quickly and easily.

Pirate carrot

For the manufacture of crafts required:

  • 1 large carrot;
  • 1 balloon;
  • paperboard;
  • paper (you can take color);
  • paint;
  • stigmas of maize (if not, it is possible to take a thick thread);
  • stationery knife.

1. To begin, clean the carrots.Cut stationery knife and cut the bottom part of her nose (a form select yourself, you can make it rectangular, round or square), and then plant them in a piece of toothpick and place in the done specifically for this hole in the "face" pirate.

2. Now take a knife to the mouth and teeth make one long horizontal notch and many short vertical, perpendicular long.Also make one eye (it may look like a groove in the form of a circle with a hump in the middle).

3. Now for hats and hair.Balloon cut and pull on a carrot top.Under a makeshift fix the hair cap, which will be the made from threads or stigmas of maize.Likewise, secure and eye-patch cut from colored paper.

4. Cut two triangles out of paper and glue them together, leaving them free base.The result was a cocked-hat.Put it on top of the ball on the head of a pirate (for the entourage to draw her skull and crossbones).

5. Now you can start coloring: paint white teeth, mouth (lips outline the contour of the teeth) and eyes.

6. And the last item.Cut out cardboard dagger, Paint and paste it into your mouth pirate (namely in the groove between the teeth).Done!

can do and other articles made of carrots with their hands.

More options craft carrot

Crafts from carrots Photo

Crafts from carrots Photo

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