The hands: hack "Owl" from old magazines

If you have a lot of old houses colored magazines, do not rush to throw them away - you can give a second life to this seemingly useless pile of paper.For example, make a very beautiful crafts - the owl.She will entertain you and your child will like it or younger brother.This owl is perfect for decorating a child's room or a porch at the cottage.

crafts "Owl" from old magazines

To make owl, take the following materials:

  • bundle of old magazines and colored paper;
  • glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • frame for paintings;
  • stencil.

The hands - hack "Owl" from old magazines

manufacturing crafts Description "Owl»

Step 1. First, draw the pattern on the paper or print the desired pattern from the Internet.

Step 2 magazine pages cut into strips about 2 cm wide.

The hands - hack "Owl" from old magazines

Step 3. Now fold the resulting strip in half lengthwise, twist them into tight rolls and secure with glue so they not spin.

Step 4. Using double sided tape, glue rolls around the body of the owl on the ground.Eyes and beak l

eave blank.

The hands - hack "Owl" from old magazines

Step 5: From the color paper is now fabricate eyes, legs, tummy and some other items that you would like to highlight an owl (perhaps the ears of feathers or glasses).

The hands - hack "Owl" from old magazines

Step 6. Now paste made of colored paper of the owl.

That's it!Now you can put in a frame crafts owl.

The hands - hack "Owl" from old magazines

You can also create a panel, having set his funny owl on a branch, cut out of colored paper and pasted on a base frame or add a few lovely details: butterflies, leaves, mouse, moon.You can make the owl girlfriend - another owl, or else make it for a few sovyatok on the same technology that has been described above.

If you like working with paper, be sure to try other techniques work - applications, origami or kirigami (it also called "pop-up») - technique for creating volume figures from paper , unfoldingtogether with a card.

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