New suit horses with their hands

in someone else to dress up in the New Year, but a symbol of the coming year!New horses will suit your child's enchanting popularity matinees.And the presence of family living symbol attract good luck in the coming year.

Buy a suit like a child ready to snap.But the possibility of a meeting with his copy completely ruin the holiday.Join forces with a child and make a New Year's suit horses with their hands.It will be fun!

Suit horse from the ordinary clothes

New Year

Make a New Year's suit horses with their hands is easy, if you have suitable clothing:

  • sweatshirt or jacket with a hood, "equine" colors (brown, black, white)
  • Instead hood can take a hat-helmet (see diagram below - Pattern 2)
  • small flap of tissue matching
  • matching colored pants (may vary)
  • piece of felt, fleece or other suitable material of black or dark browncolor

1. of felt, cut a strip for the mane width 15 cm. Sew the band in its middle to the hood from head to shoulders.Separate the region, to share "locks."

2. from the same felt, cut the eye with a diameter of 2-3 cm and sew on the hood.You can use large eyes for soft toys.

3. Ears cut fabric and sew in tone at the top.

New suit horses with their hands - ears

4. to tail cut several strips 5 cm wide and about 30 cm long. Sew the hem of jackets or pants.

black gloves complete the image-hooves.New horse costume ready!

Another option horse costume - HERE .

sew horse costume fabric

New horse costume

Mom, familiar with the sewing machine can sew a costume Christmas horse with your hands for a couple of hours.This will require:

  • Pattern-forward basis jacket and pants of any magazine (eg, a set of pajamas) - (Pattern 1);
  • Pattern hats helmet (Pattern 2);
  • monochromatic fabric such as gabardine - quite dense, not rumpled, inexpensive;
  • to tail and mane - fur with long fibers, yarn, felt or fleece.

1. Prepare the pattern size of the child.The sleeves and trouser legs can add a little flare from the elbow and the tribe.

New suit horses with his hands - the basic pattern

suit the horse.Pattern 1

New suit horses with their hands

suit the horse.Pattern 1.1.

2. Sew pants:

  • Sew side seams and stepper;
  • leg enclose one another face to face and follow the step seam;
  • follow Drawstring at the waist and elastic insert;
  • tail length is not below the knee with strips of cloth or yarn bundle can be fixed in steps seam just below kuliske.

3. shirt can make a small incision on the neck and complication (from the back or chest).Sequence:

  • follow back seam from the bottom up is not fully razutyuzhte;
  • perform the shoulder seams;
  • treat neck inlay, the ends will be strings on the back;
  • Sew sleeves;
  • do the side seams and sleeves seams;
  • treat bottom shirt and sleeves.

4. important detail costume - cap.In the top seam insert tabs.Sew the eyes, ready or fabric.Mane from the same material as the tail, sew from the top down, it must fall below the shoulders.

suit the horse.Pattern 2.

That's it!New horse costume made with their hands, waiting for its hero!

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