Suit horse for New Year's (pattern)

You will need:

  • brown fabric (about 1.5 meters depending on the size, for whom you sew costumes);
  • light brown mane cloth or thick woolen yarn;
  • few strips of yellow cloth, if you want to make a bridle on his face;
  • thread;
  • black marker;
  • -buttons of eyes - 2 pcs (eyes also can be made of cloth).

Sewing Christmas costumes horse

Such a suit is suitable for both young children and adults.

New horse costume

New horse costume
1. first cut out of the horse's head brown fabric - 2 pieces (mirror).Do not forget to leave the edges of a few centimeters on the allowances.
New horse costume - Pattern

Fold the two parts facing each other and sew on the black line.The seam from the nape of the neck inserted mane (mane should be is inside the head) .On the blue line just treat the edges by folding the tissue left on allowances.Bottom sew braid around the neck and make her eyeballs.

2. cut out to suit the horse's ears - 4 parts (2 large and 2 a little less - see picture).We connect large and small workpiece incision in the middle,
slightly reduce the bottom corners and sewn to the head (inserted into the cut and sew).

New horse costume - Pattern ear
sewn eyes and black marker draw nostrils.

to the horse's head looked volume can fill it with synthetic padding.

3. now cut from brown cloth cloak (or blanket) to suit the horse according to the following pattern. Warning: sleeve - not a mandatory part.You can make a blanket, and down wear brown turtleneck.If you decide to sew a jacket - make cuffs black (like the hoof).
New horse costume - Pattern capes
4. last detail Christmas costumes - the horse's hooves.Make them out of the black thick fabric drawstring.Get plenty of legroom and a little rest.
New horse costume - Pattern

That's all the New Year horse costume ready!

Other options suits the horse

way, if you make a hat to suit the horse's fur, you get such an option here:

New horse costume

More Christmas costumes with patterns - chanterelles suit with his hands .

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