"Skates" on the Christmas tree with his hands

Your Christmas tree will be just fun and unusual, if you decorate it with special toys that make themselves.If you think you have to do Christmas toys on the Christmas tree with his hands hard, you're wrong - it's not only easy, but also fun.Give freedom to your imagination and create unusual Christmas toys "skates" for its green beauty.

Christmas toy "SkatesĀ»

Tools for the job

In order to produce these original and very funny Christmas toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands, you will need:

  • clipping colored felt;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • needle and thread;
  • thin ribbon or lace;
  • multicolored beads, sequins or beads;
  • paper clips (they must be multi-colored plastic coil).


on a piece of felt, folded in two, paint silhouettes Sapozhkov or felt boots so that the soles fell to the fold (so that they canwas deployed and get a dual boot connected in place of the foot).Their size should be such that the length of the sole of the boot is equal to the length of the

inner (lower) side of your paper clips.Cut with scissors, these boots.

Expand each boot and thread in a clip so that was the sole fixed to the inside of the clips, and b of most of came forward like a skate blade and fold again.

Take the needle and thread, and connect the two parts of each boot over the edge of the seam and sew attaching a clip to fix it.Do not forget to sew the top boot loop of ribbon or lace, for which you will hang it on the tree.

Christmas toy horses with their hands

now a thin ribbon or lace cut with short lengths of about 2 cm in length, - 2 for each boot.It will buckle skates.Also for the fasteners you need beads, beads or sequins - 4 on each boot.

Sew ribbons to the bootlegs boots, intercepting them in front and locking beads on the edges, so you do your skates fasteners.That's all!Christmas Toys "Skates" ready.

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Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, using colored threads and a variety of beads, or beads, sequins or small slices cutof felt.The more of these toys will be on your Christmas tree, the more fun it will be and unusual look.

Good luck!

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