Academic maternity


• The ability to stick to gentle treatment for problem pregnancies.

If you - one of those rare lucky women, unaware of the existence of edema, toxicity and other "charms" of an interesting situation if the doctors do not give you a threat of miscarriage and did not offer to go to hospital to save, it makes no sense to radically change their habits(with the exception of particularly harmful, of course) and lifestyle.Daily need to brush up, go to school and prepare for exams only benefit you and future baby.However, we must be attentive to their health, and in any suspicious case to contact your doctor.If you feel unwell, travel on public transport cause suffering, and the doctor advises as much as possible to lie, be sure to take a vacation.Take a break in this important period for the entire family, take care of yourself, you will have the opportunity to take up study with renewed vigor after a year or two.

• The ability to not leave the baby in the first months of his life.

newborn baby needs to feel the proximity of the mother, hear her smell, feel the heat and, of course, drinking breast milk.Yet to come up with a mix that would be superior to mother's milk in its nutritional and protective properties.There are no beds, deck chairs and swings, in which the baby would be more comfortable and safer than the mother's hands.In the first months, days and even hours in the life of the child lays down attitude to the world, the perception of ourselves in it.He cries when he is hungry, cold, uncomfortable lying, missed, and my mother has everything to comfort and reassure him, right the way nature intended.Try not to part with the child even before he was six months, let the chest at the request, not on schedule, thus you lay the basis for its excellent health, both mental and physical.In addition, to be with the child is important for the mother herself.As long as the baby suckles, the uterus contracts, naturally recovering from childbirth.If you do everything right, you will be able to avoid the common problems such as cracked nipples or engorgement.After six months, breast begin to develop it as much milk as you need baby, responding to his touch.You can continue to feed it further, without fear that the milk will disappear.

• No additional stress

For many students, the exams - a real test for the nervous system, and pregnant women are doubly vulnerable.If you check the knowledge threatens to fainting and heart palpitations, better to postpone it for a year, so as not to endanger the health of the baby, who was wearing under her heart.If the exam give you a mostly positive emotions, a small shake will only benefit, so the choice is yours.

• Possibility to start their studies with renewed vigor

has long been proven that the brain of a pregnant woman starts to work in a different way.The whole body is focused on one main goal - to make and give birth to a healthy baby.It is natural that in this important period can be difficult to focus on the higher mathematics or foreign literature.A few months after giving birth, you will feel that they began to think more broadly, and child care do not take everything your free time.Of course, this rule there are exceptions.


• Big break in studies can affect the performance

After giving birth, particularly the first one, for a time seemed to be immersed in a new unknown world, you feel quite unusual for an emotion.Changing your schedule, habits and preferences.Every day, there is a need to solve a lot of questions: how to feed the child, in his dress, how to walk, how to develop?It is natural that the thought of school subjects attend your head is not as often as before.When maternity leave ends, it is extremely difficult to integrate back into the process and to restore the lost knowledge and skills.For this we have to put a lot more effort than the other students, who did not have such a long break.

• We have to learn with a new group

To some it may seem nonsense, but for shy people is very important, how to perceive their new team.Catch a group that has studied for years, it has not come out, and we have to resign ourselves to the changing situation.

would like to add that we are all very different, and everyone decides for himself the question of whether or not to take a sabbatical.Undoubtedly, the new life is far more important than any education and future career.But if you feel the strength to cope with all tasks at once, why not try?

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