Teeth During Pregnancy

hormonal changes the body leads to a weakening of the immune system during pregnancy, which promotes the growth of harmful microbes.There is a myth that pregnancy of the future mother washed the teeth of calcium, but it is not.This multiplication of pathogenic bacteria leads to inflammation and serious dental problems.

caries. This disease develops during pregnancy is twice faster than usual.If you run the cavities, it can cause pulpitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis. The main symptom of the disease is bleeding gums.There is a diagnosis of "pregnancy gingivitis" because it likely to develop during pregnancy grows twice.For the treatment of gingivitis is carried inflammatory activities and regular dental health.

Periodontal disease. System periodontal tissue damage.It is quite rare, but can happen if you do not treat teeth.

Treat or wait?

Most moms do not find the need to visit the dentist without any apparent reason, being sure what to treat sore tooth during pregnancy is still impossi

ble, as well as possible and to take medications during pregnancy .But doctors hasten to disabuse them.

Anna Myshentseva, Regional Clinical Dental Clinic (Samara) : "In normal pregnancy the dentist must attend 4 times for routine inspection and recording of data in the map. In the presence of caries and its complications to be treated it is necessary. Just safer to opt forof the second trimester, and even better - from 14 to 21 weeks: the fetus is already formed, and the risk of premature birth is minimal. X-rays can not be done, but the anesthesia - it is possible. For the fruit is safe, as modern anesthetics are non-toxic, their concentration is low,they fall into the blood in miniscule amounts. If a tooth ache, it means there is inflammation. If this does not eliminate the center, it will spread further. "

5 Rules preventing

To maintain dental health during pregnancy, follow these guidelines:

1. Brush your teeth with a soft brush.

2. Rinse your mouth with antiseptic 2-3 times a day.

3. Use dental floss after meals.

4. Reduce your intake of sweets.

5. Go hygiene dental cleaning at the dentist.

All dental problems better addressed at the planning stage of pregnancy, then to give your baby a healthy and beautiful smile every day!

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