The most interesting patters for language development

«Language law is harsh: the sound of chained letters in words."And this law is the same for everyone.I do not think that the speech should be engaged only those who often appears in public.Think about the drivers of minibuses, which is so hard to hear where you go.They would have half the passengers advised tongue twisters for the development of speech!Clear articulate speech is much easier to understand.

start training in a relaxed intimate atmosphere, not to feel embarrassed and not to laugh along with the audience breathless.It is not necessary to fill his mouth with nuts, Nina from the movie "Carnival".On the contrary, his mouth free from foreign objects, and chewing gum.

for the development of speech you can use any tongue twisters, but the most useful those obtained with difficulty. Take the first try reading out loud patter slowly .By the way, you know that there are special patter for a slow reader?Properly interpreted, but to no avail rasperetolkovyvat - better try it yourself.

1. About Love me not you, darling, prayed, and mists estuaries beckoned me?On the rocks we lazily burbot caught, and you changed my burbot Lin.

2. spreads staircase, fins flattering, at the feet of the stairs politely framed.

3. ampoule lamps filled with aplomb, fell to the floor and broke hollow.

for language development useful alternate patters for different sounds.Now practice your sizzling.

1. In a tent rustles with silks yellow dervish from Algeria and, juggling with knifes, a piece eats a fig.

2. «Eat me" - I ask cherry, fearing to be thrown out the excess.

way, tongue twisters for the development of speech and can teach wits.

1. MP steal, but not dovoroval and became dovorovyvat yes dovorovalsya.

2. got bachelor beans, finished his bachelor bottle forget bachelor crutch.

3. Drip under the current water flow.

4. Not the comrades, fellow comrade who when comrades comrade comrade, who, comrades, fellow comrade, who is without fellow comrade companion.

success accompanies any case, you make happy and in good spirits.And tongue twisters for the development of speech - is no exception.Let patter will cute and fun.

1. Panda koala dipped in cocoa, cocoa koala lazy varnish.

2. Launch rushed to the port of Madras, the sailor brought aboard the mattress, the mattress in the port of Madras sailor broke three sheets 2 albatross.

3. In the depths of the tundra otters in spats tyryat in buckets core cedars.Tear with otters in the tundra socks, wipe otter core cedar wipe leggings otter face - the nucleus in a bucket, the otter in the tundra.

If you have tried our best, but still think that tongue twisters for you «the most unpromising besperspektivnyak" of all "unpromising besperspektivnyakov" and you do better to chew than talk, do not worry. Train every day and remember that not all patters pereskorogovorish not perevyskorogovorish.

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