How to determine the sex of the child

When a couple decides to have a child, in most cases, prospective parents do not care who will be born - a boy or a girl.Still, many are tempted to have a baby of a particular sex, especially if a family already has a child.In such cases, today's parents do not rely only on God's will and do try to plan conception so that the long-awaited birth son or daughter.

scientific approach

One of the most effective method is considered vyschityvaniya period of ovulation.It is based on the difference between the X- and Y-sperm.According to scientific studies, X-sperm (girls) are slow, but more hardy and strong, and the Y-sperm are very fast, but just as quickly die.Thus, if an act of love occurred a few days before ovulation, the fast Y-sperm are not likely to survive to the promised hour, in contrast to the persistent X-sperm.Therefore, the most likely to be the birth of a girl.If the birth occurs on the day of ovulation, it is likely to be a boy, since the Y-sperm will reach the goal.

Ancient Chinese table

This method is currently the most fashionable and affordable.If you believe in the magic of numbers and these mystical things, this option will definitely suit you.According to the divination, sex of the baby depends on the mother's age and month of conception.In order to determine the sex of the baby, you must find your age at conception and the month of conception.The letter M - boy D - girl.Tables can be viewed here .

Special diet

It is also believed that the sex of the child depends on the food that a woman uses to conception.

So, if you dream about a girl, you need to eat:

  • milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs;
  • lean meat and fish without salt;
  • vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, eggplant, radish, asparagus;
  • berries and fruit: pears, apples, raspberries, grapes, mango, quince, strawberry and citrus;
  • lot of pastry;
  • nuts, dried fruits;
  • chocolate;
  • soda.

Want a boy?Eat:

  • meat;
  • potatoes, mushrooms, beans, soybeans, corn, peas;
  • pasta, rice, cereals;
  • bananas;
  • vegetable oil;
  • yeast.

There is also a lot of people's will calculate the future baby's sex .But in general it does not matter whether you choose any one method or all of the complex, most importantly believe in the results, then you will succeed.And even if your efforts and expectations are not met - do not worry, because the kid - a great happiness, no matter who he is - a boy or a girl.

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