Funny tongue twisters for kids: how to transform training into play

and Makarenko and Montessori, and other famous teachers say that during the game the children learn better any material and the correct pronunciation - is no exception.The baby happy training, it should captivate the game, and then recurrence of tongue twisters for kids be surprisingly effective.

Tongue Twisters for young children should be short, to make it easy to remember.Please Speak slowly patter themselves and then say: "Repeat after me!ยป

1. Cockerel on arable I walked back cock found.

2. Eat pie, cottage cheese inside.

3. Skinny weak Koschey drags a box of vegetables.

4. The aquarium at Chariton four cancer and three newt.

5. Three million lemons million for chameleons.

Pick patters for children under situation, that they were similar to nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes.These tongue twisters can be easily repeated in between times.

1. You raspberries washed it?Washed but not mylili!

2. bulk snow boots small Valais.

3. spared no mother of so

ap.Mom Mila soap soap.Mila did not like soap, soap Mila dropped.

4. Turtle, not missing an hour sitting with a cup of tea.

5. The train rushes, grinding, "Same-Th-sha-conductive, well-Th-sha-conductive!".

for naughty children recurrence of tongue twisters can be flour, if the doctor-therapist makes them do it.But when the tongue twisters are fun and rhymed, the learning process goes quickly.

1. Wes ship caramel,
collided ship aground.
and sailors two weeks
Caramel aground ate.

2. Black night Black Cat
jumped into the black chimney,
in black chimney -
Seek out a minute there is a cat.

3. Mouse dryers nasushit,
Mouse Pads invited,
Mouse drying eat steel -
teeth immediately broke!

Tongue Twisters for older children may be more complex and suggestive.

1. Field full of sage, fallen weed Pauline.

2. Need for bream soup, sorrel soup is needed only.

3. See how easy it is arranged in the frame: angles and square edges.

4. Under the roof of the box apartment house in a secluded closet hid mansion.

5. From the body to the body was overloaded watermelons.The storm in the mud of the cargo of watermelons sprawled body.

6. I have broken the language poperelamyvala, grind until the language was grinding.

Sometimes children take failure to heart.You should not be impatient or dissatisfaction with the way the child speaks the tongue twisters, and the more you can not scold the child for it.Better try it yourself quickly say tongue twisters for kids and laugh together about how thickly.After all, many of them are really difficult to repeat without hesitation.

pronunciation of tongue twisters - a good way to convey to the child another useful idea: no mistakes only one who does nothing.

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