What to take a child: children's crafts from clothespins

Crafts from clothespins for kids

begin, as promised, a simple craft for children.Kids do we offer dragonflies, chicken, palm, airplanes, gliders, pack of sharks ... and not be limited to this list.

pegs Also, we need:
  • glue;
  • popsicle sticks from (a great reason often eat ice cream, is not it?);
  • paper or paperboard;
  • brush and paint;
  • scissors;
  • thread, buttons and beads.

Dragonfly from clothespins

1. Paint the clothespin.
2. On 2 nanizhte string beads, thread stick to the "lip" clothespins so that it is similar to the eye.
3. Take 2 sticks from popsicle, fold them crosswise and secure clip clothespins.Dragonfly is ready!

What to take a child - children

Chicken Little

Bright chick - lovely decoration for pots of flowers.Especially if they are not yet in bloom.

1. clothespin color the yellow paint.
2. Cut out paper wings and a yellow head, red - crest and beak.
3. Glue the head and beak chicken comb, draw the eye.
4. Glue the body and wings of a clothespin.That's all, we got chicken.

What to take a child - children

Crafts from clothespins: Air Flotilla

And this hack to accurately assess the boys.

1. clothespins Vykraste blue paint.
2. Saw or broke in half on a popsicle stick, gently chamfer edge (here need a file or sandpaper).
3. Vykraste 2 long sticks from popsicle red paint, 2 korotkih- blue.
4. Glue the short sticks to the tail of the glider and make of the long parallel wings.
5. yellow paper cut screw and decorate it with red a button.
6. Screw stick to the nose of the aircraft.

not limited to a single plane, make a combat unit - the children, first of all, it will be interesting to play with each other, and secondly, these toys allow to develop new space for games (bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains), formerlyinaccessible.

What to take a child - children

What to take a child - children

Grabber of clothespins

Grabber - the most simple hack of pegs: only need to cut out cardboard circle, palm and attach clothespins-toes.

What to take a child - children

sharks flock

Scary toothy sharks - equipment for the game of shipwrecks and treasure.

1. Vykraste blue clothespins.
2. Cut a triangular fins, Paint or decorate sequins, glue.
3. Draw teeth.
4. From the blister medicines, cardboard and beads make shark eyes.

What to take a child - children

Done!Wildly rolling his eyes, predatory hack from clothespins rushing toward Treasure Hunter.And even bite if they swim too close!

Want to show, like a shark hunts?Glue on one side of a small cardboard fish.It will be seen when the shark's mouth will reveal.

What to take a child - children

We have shown only a few articles made from clothespins - the possibilities of this simple material at hand is truly inexhaustible.Experiment with children, make toys, and create entire worlds populated prischepochnymi heroes.

What to take a child - children
Proud Peacock

What to take a child - children
She learns to bring sneakers, but it is able to hold a pen!

What to take a child - children
Simple and stylish idea for a surprise

Crafts from clothespins - after all, most, winter fun.If you set about crafts in the summer or fall, you have on hand more conventional materials for creativity. of fruits and vegetables can be made even more unusual crafts for children's development.
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