Calcium during pregnancy

Calcium - an important element for muscle organs - the uterus and heart.If a woman's body is enough calcium, delivery will be normal.The fact is that due to this element fully operate properly functioning kidneys, and blood coagulation.Calcium helps digestion.From its calcium in pregnant depends on the outcome of fertilization, embryonic development.

So how to understand that calcium is not enough?If you are plagued by leg cramps, nails ugly and very brittle, dry hair, it indicates a lack of calcium in the body.Every fifth expectant mother in the last months of pregnancy there is a lack of this element.Babies that are born from mothers with insufficient calcium in the body, more likely to suffer from rickets - a disease, invasive growth and development of bones and leads to skeletal deformities.

also helps calcium very pregnant to avoid unpleasant cramps, reduces the risk of miscarriage, and even during labor reduces blood loss.Calcium also helps prevent tooth decay during pregnancy .

To avoid this, the expectant mother should eat the right food.It should also give up the foods that prevent the absorption of calcium and contributes to the loss: semolina, white bread, sugary sweets, pasta, coffee, bran, much fatty and salty foods, soda, spinach, bran.

Most often lack of calcium observed in blondes, and sedentary female smokers.

pregnant a day should be consumed 1500 ml of calcium .The main sources of this element - dairy products, nuts, cheese, vegetables, green cabbage, broccoli, almonds, beans also contains a lot of calcium.

From the first days of pregnancy need to train yourself to drink daily glass of milk, eat a couple of pieces of cheese and a plate of cheese.

However, it is important to understand that excess calcium can cause great harm to the body than a disadvantage.Primarily formed kidney stones, urinary and gallbladder.The cardiovascular system may also fail.Surplus calcium interferes with the absorption of magnesium, which is important for all body systems.

It is important to monitor their health, especially in such an important time, as pregnancy.

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