Is it possible for pregnant women to dye your hair?

What happens to a woman's body during this time?Hormonal changes - the whole being of women aimed at creating a favorable environment for pregnancy and childbirth.Hence the moods, and vague desires, and fears.And still very much want to look good!To have shiny hair, well-groomed face and hands, a new dress, which allows to feel comfortable in the new position!"No no!You dye your hair can not hurt the baby! "- Says one of her friends.With what?Those that paint gets on your skin, penetrate into the body, and thereby harm the child.In during pregnancy in a woman much to experience , but believe me, hair coloring - not one of them.

hair dye can, if you bought an expensive paint, of which does not include ammonia, safely apply it to your hair, but try to hit the skin as little as possible.The satisfaction that you get after a lay your newly colored hair, you go only benefit!This positive emotions not only for you but also for your baby.

But better if you go early in the morning to the salon where the whol

e procedure will hold an experienced master, and you will rest at this time.The only thing that can really happen - the expected color mismatch with what happened at the end of staining, even if all the rules were followed.And because the same hormonal changes.So I think, if you decide to dye your hair for the first time during pregnancy.Maybe we should wait.

gentle way of coloring - is highlighting or coloring.Paint and do not touch the skin of the head, and the color changes dramatically.

Another option - tonal balms, shampoos, gels.They contain vitamins and special additives that give rich color and hair well-groomed appearance.Do not forget about the mask and serum, they really need your hair during pregnancy.

There is another option - to remember his grandmother's recipes.This hair coloring Henna and basma - mixing them in different proportions can become fiery red and dark chestnut.Chamomile decoction of onion peel and give a golden hue blond hair and skin of the young walnut nettle - gloss black.

Lovely woman!Remember that pregnancy - is not a disease, during which you have a lot of "no", but only a wonderful unique waiting time!Listen to yourself and your feelings!And it is beautiful!

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