Crafts for Valentine's Day for kids

more hearts, beautiful and different

Kids love to make gifts yourself.This work, and the desire to learn something new, and the competition who have turned out better, more beautiful, more accurate.And it is the time spent with parents who ever occupied with important matters.But, dear mother, let's put aside for a moment all the cases, the stock of simple materials and tools, and help kiddies learn very important skills: the ability to make gifts.In addition, crafts for Valentine's Day will serve as a nice exercise for the development of fine motor skills.

Crafts for Valentine

materials that could be useful

creative suit a variety of materials:
  • colorpaper and cardboard;
  • foil;
  • multicolored felt;
  • buttons and beads;
  • fresh and artificial flowers;
  • pieces of leather or plastic;
  • fabrics, etc.
To work with them need a set of simple tools and aids:
  • scissors, simple and curly;
  • stationery knife;
  • needle and thread;
  • punch;
  • stapler;
  • purpose adhesive (glue gun, if any);
  • line, curves.
Sometimes you may need to iron.

Crafts for Valentine's Day, paper, cardboard

Crafts for Valentine

Crafts for Valentine

most simple crafts for Valentine's Day - postcards decorated with hearts.For them, the need cardboard, colored paper, you can use a thin felt, fleece, or even kitchen towels.As a decor fit buttons and beads of white, pink or red flowers.Virtually all child can do by himself.Your help will only need to create a template - this form is difficult, and the child is unlikely he will be able to draw a steady heart.Cut heart easier if the material is folded in half, along the longitudinal axis of the template.The further procedure is easy to see from the photo:
Crafts for Valentine

Another option cute crafts for Valentine's Day: ladybug red and black paper

Crafts for Valentine
of black paper cut trunk and little heart-point red - heart-wings.Antennae - thick black thread or fishing line.On tummy, you can write a greeting or name.

Template for children
Ready hack:
Crafts for Valentine

simple version of a gift for Valentine's Day - decorated with candies .

Crafts for Valentine
Crafts for Valentine

Or you can decorate a pencil or pen:
Crafts for Valentine

Handbag-heart for sweets

cute wicker crafts for Valentine's Day can be obtained from felt, cardboard or leather.The most difficult thing - the right to twist the strip parts, but with your help the child will certainly cope.The reward for work is a beautiful bag-heart, which can put a handful of delicious sweets:
Crafts for Valentine
Photo instructions for the manufacture of:
Crafts for Valentine

can offer your child to do beads on Valentine's Day , such as pasta or beads.
Crafts for Valentine

More articles made of pasta - HERE
Crafts for Valentine

You can offer your child to come up with crafts for Valentine's Day from the available materials.Unobtrusive hints will help the child to show imagination and embody conceived in a cute gift.
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