"Mom, what is this bird?"

«They arrived!»

And who are these "they"?What a pack of mountain ash eats so that the tree shakes, and passers-top real rain pours from berry skins?

Which birds show the baby to develop his powers of observation?The most interesting thing is not the pigeons and sparrows, and those birds that arrive out of nowhere for a short time and, of course, attract the attention of children.

We will talk about those birds that are most interesting to the children.


Mom, what is this bird

Bullfinch - winter bird is most noticeable. to distinguish it from the others, just look at her bright red sides and belly.Another distinguishing feature of bullfinch - black hat (it appears only in adult birds), wings and tail combined with a gray back.

However, even with bullfinches all is not so simply: Krasnogruda they do not always. The females have a muted plumage of brownish-gray hue.

Mom, what is this bird

Another interesting question - whether migratory birds bullfinches, or not?We used to see them in t
he winter, but in fact bullfinches - not migratory birds, and wandering. They make relatively small flights (mainly sub) when in their basic area data becomes little food."The Transfer" Bullfinch could, in fact, arrive from the nearby forest.

waxwings flew ...

Mom, what is this bird

Waxwing - beautiful bird with a brown tuft.If she let a you closer, you'll notice another characteristic feature - the red and yellow stripes on the tail and wings of a bird.

fully justifying its name, waxwings emit a long trill, like the chirping of a grasshopper - "Swee-pu-pu".

waxwings - that those birds that are "gutting" the city and rowan Ranetki. And, oddly enough, this is not a migratory bird.As bullfinches, they migrate when their habitats end feed.And then comes the turn of mountain ash under your window.

Sometimes, when the weather was warm, mountain ash may begin to ferment, and then you can watch a funny picture - gorged itself waxwings drunk who tried and could not get up.

singing some stupid starling

Mom, what is this bird

«And he eccentric, could not understand: where to fly, why it somewhere name?" - Sang Makarevich about unusual starling.Faced starling we, like, get to these migratory birds.But no, starlings behave very differently: one can fly to winter in warmer climes, while others wander, and others (if they have food in abundance) can and does lead a sedentary life.

starling has a glossy brown-black plumage that the sun iridescent, and black beak (in the breeding season it is yellow).Starling distinguish from other birds can be an unusual gait and he able to walk on the ground , but do not jump, as does his cousin-rook.

starling have little raspy voice booming with great range.Starling can imitate other birds trills.So sometimes starlings returning from the south, singing the songs of birds from warm countries.

Starlings are not stupid bird. Some of them are so smart that if they are tame, they can learn to bark at cats.

White Wagtail

Mom, what is this bird

this cute little bird children remembered and loved for sure.In wagtail white belly, gray wings, black hat and apron. long tail wagtail kept swaying, justifying its name. Wagtail - a real migrant.It feeds on insects, so the flies before, but returns later other birds.

Wagtail widespread, so that the children must have heard her voice - a short, as though frightened, "Zwick."

Tell your child for a walk about these beautiful birds, listen and try to remember their voices - child will explore the world in a special (often boring) sessions and make discoveries with you. Believe me, he will be grateful to you for it.

If a child is interested in birds, and tell him about the other birds - the usual urban, forest and exotic.You can even make paper toys finger these birds - it is simple and inexpensive, and the children will be happy new game.
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