How old is better to give birth?

child 20 years

to have children up to 20 years, few dare.And is it necessary?At this age she is still herself as a child and is not ready to become a mother, given the psychological and material aspects of life.While still a plus one is - in perfect health.
If you have decided to postpone the birth of a child at a later date to first learn a profession, to get a living area and a stable income, remember that at least once a year have to go to the gynecologist.The doctor will monitor the state of your health and the preservation of fertility functions.

Peak femininity - 30 years

Many modern ladies prefer to give birth at the age of 30 years.Thirty woman - young, active, having a firm stance, it will be a good mom.Rumors that give birth after 30 is possible only with the help of specialized care doctors, it is high time to dispel.Of course, sometimes women at this age have problems conceiving and carrying a child.Usually pregnancy comes within six months from the moment the planned conception.The

refore, if you are healthy, you do not have gynecological problems, you are constantly visiting the doctor and did extreme abortion, then you will become quite normal and healthy mother.

Forty years - late or time to the contrary?

In recent years, an increasing number of mothers who are forty years or more.The debate about whether the child needs at this age do not cease to have both supporters and opponents of birth.Of course, health is no longer such as 25, but there is an experience, a more conscious attitude to pregnancy, child and stable financial position.If there are no contraindications, then why not give birth?Due to hormonal balance, middle-aged woman, reshivshiesya pregnancy, younger look, they have wrinkles, improves the structure of hair.Myths about the appearance of a disabled child, dispelled by the physicians, which finds only 3% of children have an abnormally developing 40-year-old mothers.

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