Child-cook: learn to cook since childhood

Basics cooking lesson

Start "from scratch»

Prior to cooking should be cleaned and prepared workspace.It is unlikely that it will be convenient to huddle on 10 square centimeters of the table surrounded by absolutely unnecessary objects and things.

safety, security and safety once again!

Long hair is removed to separate the precipitated "exhibits" are not found out later in the soup.It is unpleasant.However, this rule should be followed, and for safety reasons.Also, do not wear baggy clothes and jackets / shirts with long sleeves and baggy - they can be for something to cling to.


Make sure the child is thoroughly washed hands.Use paper towels or a clean cloth to dry them.

Teach your children to be fully prepared

Take everything, what you need: food ingredients, measuring cups and spoons, tools.

Explain the importance of prescription

Explain that if you overdo it with the salt, the food simply can not be there.You can do an experiment pereperchenny or salty dumplings.Once

tasted, the child is satisfied that it is important to comply with the measure.However, biscuits with pereslaschennym it can not work.

Cooking utensils in terms of safety

Use potholders hot when doing something with hot pans, pots and dishes.Be careful with hot liquids.Handles knives should also be safe.

Kitchen child is full of new and interesting toys.But it is important to convey to the child that the hot plates, oven and powershift, the more gas can be very dangerous, and without permission to touch them is impossible.

In conclusion

Teach children to independence .If a child is something you have prepared for yourself, be sure to praise him.But even more praise he deserves, if not forgotten to tidy up the kitchen.Immediately Teach your child to wash the dishes not before eating and after eating or cooking.

By the way, the most effective method of teaching - an example of mom and dad.Other instructions and sermons, most likely will not work.

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