Boy or girl: how to calculate the future sex of the child?

We follow the ovulation

planning sex of the child, depending on the day of ovulation - quite popular and accurate method that women have for a long time.The point is simple: if fertilization takes place in the time of ovulation or after it, it is likely that a boy conceived.If the conception of the child occurs before ovulation, then wait for the next girl.This happens because the Y-chromosome, though nimble, but quickly die if fertilization does not happen immediately, but's X-chromosome - tenacious and able to wait in a woman's body for several days until the egg is ready to conceive.Learn how to calculate ovulation can here .


method is based on calculating the sex of the child according to the table of compatibility of parental blood:

How to calculate the future sex of the child

Chinese calendar

"& gt; This ancient method of calculating the sex of the child is not acting at all, but nevertheless, many have resorted to the calculation of the Chinese table, which has already more than 700 years.
The table will be true if a woman has a regular menstrual cycle andshe knows the month of conception.

New Blood

calculation of the sex of the child using the method of "renewal of blood" is based on the belief that the sex of the child coincides withsex of the parent, whose blood later.Updating the blood occurs after its abundant losses, for example, as a result of operations or donation.In addition, blood updated and natural way: men - every 4 years, and for women - every 3. Make it easy to count: dividing the maternal age of 3, and the father of 4, you get a number for the update cycle.

Japanese method

Based on determining sex of the child on the date of birth of parents .This table is good because it is easy to use: it is enough to determine the figure from the first table, located at the intersection of dates of birth of father and mother, and found her in the second table.In each column, with the corresponding figures are names of the months, and the next number of crosses, indicating the probability of the birth of a child of either sex.

How to calculate the future sex of the child

How to calculate the future sex of the child

Well, the most accurate method, of course, remains determine the future of ultrasound sex .
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