Popular rumor: determine the sex of the baby signs

The most common sign of a sex determination of the shape of the baby belly.Some people believe that if a round belly like a balloon, then a girl, and if the stomach or pointed, as they say, "cucumber" and hangs down, it will be a boy.However, apart from this well-known marks there are many other, sometimes the most unlikely of people's guesses!

Folk omens for the birth of a boy:

  • lack of toxicity in the morning in the first trimester;
  • desire to eat sour, spicy, salty foods, as well as high demand for protein foods - meat, cheese, milk;
  • active growth of hair on the legs of a woman because of the allocation of the result of the male hormone;
  • darkening of areola around the nipples in the expectant mother;
  • fetal heart rate less than 140 beats per minute;
  • frequent headaches in pregnancy;
  • baby often pushed to the right.

Folk omens for the birth of girls:

  • strong morning morning sickness in the first months of pregnancy;
  • high nutritional need in sweet fruit and an almost complete into
    lerance to meat;
  • dialed future mum weight is concentrated on the hips and buttocks;
  • greatly increases a woman's breast, the right breast visually becomes larger than the left;
  • fetal heart rate of 140 beats per minute or more;
  • throughout pregnancy the woman is very capricious and changeable mood;
  • baby often pushed to the left.

also believed that if a woman like blooms during pregnancy, it improves skin and hair, it is a son, and if the opposite - looks pregnant worsens, then it will be a girl, which takes away from the mother at the time,her beauty.

Yet there method for the determination of the future sex of the child's date of birth .It is simple, but not entirely accurate, as all such methods.

national signs Believe or not - a private matter, but it is best to determine the sex of your baby will help modern and more precise method - US .And for this you need to wait only some 5 months.

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