A simple formula: sex of the baby blood group

There are 4 blood groups.Belonging to a particular blood group does not depend on sex, age and skin color, it is inherited according to the law of genetics.Rh - an antigen (protein), which is in the erythrocytes.Those who have it, and that about 80% of people are Rh positive, the remaining 20% ​​- Rh negative.

During pregnancy, Rh-negative mother and Rh-positive child can be Rh-conflict, so it is important for both parents to take a blood test to determine group and Rh before planning baby.And this knowledge will help pre calculate the sex of a child by blood .To do this, use the table below:

sex of the child by blood group

There are alsoOther methods by which one can calculate baby's sex .But remember, none of these methods will give you a perfect result, because even the US is wrong.

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