Gender of the child: methods of determination

planning methods sex of the child divided into medical (blood group, to update the blood of the ovulation method, etc.) and national (by date of birth of parents, according to the calendar pregnancy , tables).

when conception occurred, the sex of the baby has already been determined, and it will not change, is considered by many prospective parents.The most popular and reliable method of determining the sex of child considered:

  • ultrasound diagnostics, which is held several times throughout pregnancy in order to detect early disease and to check standards of the fetus.Identifying sex baby is only possible on the 15th week of pregnancy.Determination of the boy is the imaging of the scrotum and penis, and girls in finding the labia.However, in this period the probability of error is high: the finger of a child or the umbilical cord taken for male sexual characteristics, or swelling of the labia of the girl on the screen confused with moshonkoy.Optimalny term for more accurate answer - 25
    weeks of pregnancy.Identify the boys go girl at a later date is difficult because of the low mobility of the baby.
  • Chorionic villus sampling - a complex and expensive method of determining not only the sex of the baby in early pregnancy (9-12 weeks), but the detection of genetic disorders of the fetus.During a biopsy using a fine needle get a small sample of fetal tissue, and 2 days later the parents may already know the result.It should be noted that the procedure is extremely dangerous, it may cause miscarriage, so do it only to find out the sex of the child is not necessary.
  • DNA test , created by American scientists in 2007 is based on the fact that in maternal blood contains particles of fetal DNA.With this test to determine the sex of the child can be as early as 6 weeks.The test has an accuracy of 100%, as chorionic villus sampling, but not less expensive.

ready to become parents, remember that none of the methods by which one can calculate sex of the baby , does not give you a full guarantee of success, and sometimes you have to rely on nature and love your child just because heHe appeared in your life!

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