Calendars determine the sex of the child

example, Japanese table offers determine the future sex of the child, based on the following data: month of birth of his father, mother's month of birth and month of conception.You can use it to plan the days most favorable for conceiving a child of either sex.

But have patience, because for each pair have only one or at most two months of the year when they have a lot of chances to execute the plan.For example, for a couple in which the mother was born in December, and the pope in February, the total number - four.Count on the boy, they can, in August, and a girl - in June, the rest of the year - as lucky.

Another calendar determine the sex of the child , Chinese, based solely on the age of the expectant mother.For twenty-two she can count on the girl at conception in January, April, June, July, September, October, November and December.It is noteworthy that the father's age does not matter.

Before, how to calculate the floor under the table , try to check their data on their friends and relativ

es.True, there may be a problem that you do not know the exact day of conception, because rarely anyone pregnancy lasts exactly nine months.Ask close friends, perhaps someone remembers the date or even the month.

If you carefully plan the baby, and you know the exact date of ovulation, you can experience another "calendar" method.He is to make love as soon as possible after the onset of ovulation, if you want to conceive a boy.Accordingly, people who dream about a girl, is to wait a bit.In addition, it is believed that the baby on the floor may affect products that consume the parents, such as milk and its products increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl, and meat in all its forms - the boy.

Maybe if you put together all the ways and very much want to have a boy or is it a girl, then a miracle happens and the desire to really come true.

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