I'm afraid, I'm afraid: signs of missed abortion

Signs missed abortion

times between when pregnancy is stopped, and the setting of correct diagnosis takes a lot of time, particularly if planned before the visit to the doctor for a long time, and the woman did not bother much.Here are the first signs of missed abortion , which must be the occasion to address to the doctor:

• Abrupt cessation of toxicity.

Some women admit that nausea and vomiting took place, "he vanished," and they immediately suspected something was wrong

• spotting.

Even if you saw a small drop of blood - it is better to be safe, ask your doctor.

• Return breast "doberemennoe" state.

nipples lose sensitivity, the breast becomes soft and does not hurt.

• Reduced basal temperature

If pregnancy dies in the later stages, the signs will be different:

• Pain in the lower abdomen as in the month.

• The uterus stops growing.

Accordingly, the stomach does not increase in size.

• Cease tremors and fetal movements.

If this situation occurs during the day, it i

s not a reason for concern, but the silence for a few days to alert you.

• Increased body temperature.

dangerous symptom that may indicate the onset of inflammation.

None of these features, as well as a combination thereof, is not sufficient to make the diagnosis yourself.It is necessary to consult to the doctor for an examination.Only the gynecologist can detect such unmistakable signs missed abortion , like:

• Reducing the level of human chorionic gonadotropin.

• Absence of heartbeat of the fetus.

• Stop the growth of the embryo.

After the diagnosis the doctor decides to wait for a spontaneous abortion or refer women to the "cleansing" under anesthesia.A few days later carried ultrasound and appointed the necessary medicines, looking for the cause of the incident.So they may be genetic abnormalities of the fetus, and various infections or hormonal failure.In addition, the risk group includes women who have had abortions, ectopic pregnancy , as well as having a history of various chronic diseases, for example, diabetes .It is also believed that the risk of miscarriage increases with age.

The main thing is to remember the woman after missed abortion - that it has all the chances to make a healthy baby.As a rule, doctors are advised to start planning a new pregnancy after about six months.

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