Termination of pregnancy in the early stages

Modern medicine offers several ways to terminate a pregnancy in the early stages .The most appropriate of them picks up the doctor, based on the data examination and analysis of women.In any case, the procedure is carried out at a medical facility under the supervision of physicians.An exception is the so-called emergency contraception (eg pill "Postinor").The instructions to them does not indicate that you need to see a doctor, but to do this, of course, necessary.Taking these medicines without prescription, you are risking your health.

Before making a decision about abortion, be sure to consult with the child's father, a close friend or refer to a psychologist for help.Whatever happens, do not try to get rid of the pregnancy alone.If you firmly believe in their choice, make an appointment with a gynecologist.

Medical abortion

first step is to figure out what you gestational age .This type of abortion is carried out for up to eight weeks with special tablets (mifegin, penkrofton and others), to

artificially stop the development of the embryo.Usually with them the doctor prescribes drugs for uterine contractions to speed up the process.For some time to begin selection as menstruation appears nagging pain in the abdomen.After a few days you would have to come to the reception for the inspection to make sure everything went well.

vacuum abortion

conduct such an abortion in the early stages , five to seven weeks.It is considered less dangerous than regular scraping of the uterine wall because virtually no damage.The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.The queen entered a special instrument, "sucking" fertilized egg.If you can not completely remove all, the doctor uses a rounded knife (curette), as in the usual abortion, to clean out the uterus.

Medical abortion

for a period of six to twelve weeks is "normal" abortion using medical instruments.After it greatly increases the risk of complications.These three types of abortions are carried out in the early stages of a woman's request.Before the surgery, you need to sign their consent to medical intervention.After twelve weeks, abortion is performed only by a doctor or a court order (for example, in the case of rape).

consequences of abortion

immediately after surgery can cause bleeding, pain, and nausea.Perhaps the emergence of micro traumas, scars, in severe cases - perforation of the uterine wall.If a fertilized egg is not completely removed, it is necessary to make repeated cleaning.Long-term effects of abortion - various diseases of the genital organs, inflammation of the appendages, blocked tubes and miscarriages and premature births in the next pregnancy.Do not forget about the severe psychological consequences, leading to depression, false pregnancy and other abnormalities.

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