Gender of the child: the table

Ultrasonography is not always possible to accurately answer this question, and if you can satisfy your curiosity by various folk methods, for example, various tables determining sex of the child .

One of the most common - the so-called Japanese technique consisting of two stages.First, you must determine the total number of pairs based on the month of birth of the future parents.For example, if the mother was born in May, and my father - in September, their number - 9. Now you need to go to the second table and find the corresponding column, a number for each.You will see which month is best suited for a particular planning sex of the child.By table it shows that in the above example, the optimum time to conceive a girl - May, the boy - December.For each pair, there are only one or two months, which allows a high degree of confidence to talk about the field of the future baby, so this table is no longer suitable for those who are simply interested in, and those who want to plan a baby of a particula

r sex.

Another Chinese table based on the age of the mother (from eighteen to forty-five years) and the month in which the child was conceived.To the result was the most accurate, you can pre-select the month, being surrounded by the same "boys'" or "devochkovyh" as he.For example, a thirty-year mother has a chance to conceive a girl between February and October, respectively, the most accurate results can be obtained in June and July.

another table, you can easily find on the Internet - sex determination of the child by the method of renovation of blood.Its figures are based on the assumption that a greater impact on the sex of the baby will have one parent whose blood "later" in the moment of conception.In men, blood renewal occurs every four years, and for women - every three.For example, twenty-five men last update was a year ago, while the mother of twenty - two years ago.

Before, how to calculate the table sex of their unborn baby, try to answer the question of why you need it.And always remember that you will always love that kid is that you will be born, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.No one, even the most proven table will not give you a precise answer completely, just as modern ultrasound, therefore, as a rule, the child's sex remains a mystery up to the birth.

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