I want to know everything: sex of the baby on ultrasound

Waiting birth of a baby is always important event in the life of a family.Many parents are concerned about who is born: a daughter or a son.

sex of the baby is formed at conception. internal genitals (the testes or ovaries ) develop in the abdominal part of the fruit has n and 7 weeks of pregnancy.At this stage, a fetus genitals look the same: this is due to the fact that they are formed from the same tissue.Already in the 9th week boys and girls begin to develop in different ways, but to determine the exact sex of the baby on the ultrasound can be no earlier than 16 weeks, but this period formed the genitals - so that they can be distinguished.

Medicine does not stand still, and already many gynecologists in the office have ultrasound equipment, portable or stationary.Pregnant women when visiting can immediately make ultrasound diagnostics: clarify the term of pregnancy, see if there was any irregularity in the development, as the fetus develops, know the sex of the baby.

Today there is a wide range of devices audio equipment from the simple to the more complex, high-resolution four-dimensional.

If you wish to undergo an ultrasound examination during pregnancy, contact the place where modern equipment and qualified personnel.Ultrasound is done by any machine, but it is better to use the expert class machines that can convey a three-dimensional image.This image makes it easier to see the fruit: his face, the number of fingers, especially the attachment of the umbilical cord and the baby's sex.

Many pregnant very often asked: whether ultrasound is harmful during pregnancy?

Modern ultrasound machines have a small capacity, so the total amount of research on sound pulses is reduced to a minimum - they are practically safe to use.But in early pregnancy should not be abused Ultrasound diagnosis without proper reason.

At certain stages of pregnancy the doctor prescribes routine ultrasound diagnostics, which must be done:

  • 11-13 weeks, to clarify the time and different variations.
  • 20-24 weeks when you can see all the internal organs of the baby, to diagnose them properly.At the same time, you can find out the sex of the baby.
  • 32-34 weeks, can be defined as the fruit of lies.

ultrasound is necessary to do as much as you, if there are some indications of this.When ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy can be immediately, even in the early stages, to define multiple pregnancy: twins, triplets, etc.

than medical methods, you can still get your sex of the child's date of birth
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