Calendar: calculate sex of the baby

Even with the help of ultrasound on the advanced equipment is not always possible to answer this question with certainty, because kids often turn away from the unit, or simply shift the legs.However, sometimes it also happens that all is well in sight, but an inexperienced doctor makes a mistake, giving parents a false hope.

To avoid these negative feelings, it is important to remember the true reasons which formed the basis of your desire to have a baby.However, this interest is quite understandable, because before the meeting with the child need to prepare so many things: clothes, furniture, toys, the name in the end.However, many of us are superstitious leave purchases for later, but look closely and you can leave the order relatives now.

Try to find out the sex of the child according to the calendar, Japanese or Chinese.Sami tables can be found here and here.

For example, the Japanese version is necessary to know the month of birth of both parents, to determine what the most favorable time

for conceiving a baby of a particular sex.Chinese calendar sex of the child takes into account only the age of the expectant mother.It is possible that, if you use data from both tables, the effect is stronger, although, of course, there is no guarantee here.

In addition, there are plenty of other ways to respond to the sacramental question: folk superstitions cravings of pregnant women eating habits, the shape of the abdomen and more.You can also try to determine the sex of the baby, bet the last time from the beginning of ovulation prior to conception.If it has been less than twelve hours - you have all the chances to nine months to give birth to a boy.Of course, to get the time, you need to start planning the baby beforehand.

When it has done - can only be curious, who is waiting, and influence the sex of the unborn child can not any signs.By calendar to count the baby's sex in advance also better, because, for example, in the Japanese version is specified for each pair, as a rule, only one month, it is favorable for conceiving a boy or girl.

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