How to determine the sex of a child?

especially acute question of determining the sex of the child is in families that already have older children and mom and dad like to supplement "set."There are cases when the girl before the desired time to be born, three or even four least favorite brothers, and vice versa.

Currently, the most popular method is, of course, conventional ultrasound.However, there are times when the baby in the womb closes genitals legs or simply turns away so that you can not see anything.Then come to the aid of other methods based on indirect signs sex of the child, and often they are more accurate.

to be determined by the date of birth sex of your baby, you should check with your doctor when, according to his calculations, we can expect delivery.Count the number of this nine months ago - about the day of conception.Find a table on the Internet and find out who you will be born.

There are many different ways of determining the sex of the child by signs , precisely because this question worried our ancestors as mu

ch as ourselves.For example, it is believed that nurturing a girl, a woman loses her beauty, there swelling and dark spots.The boy, on the contrary, does his mom more attractive.

If during pregnancy pulls on meat, sour and salty - wait for the boy.Bread, cakes and fruit - a favorite food for those who are expecting a girl.

Take a wedding ring expectant mother, hang it on a chain, ask the woman to lie down and raise the structure above her belly.It is believed that the boy chain will spin in a circle, and above the girl - going back and forth.

Another popular way - to determine the sex of the unborn child blood group .Based on the data presented in it, a boy can expect to couples where the first group of mothers of blood, and the pope second or fourth, my mother - the second, and the pope first or third, and so on.The important role played by the Rh factor.If it is the same in both parents, it is likely to be a girl, but if not - you can count on the boy.

There are many other ways how to know the sex of the baby, as well as how to plan ahead for the conception of the birth of the child of the desired sex.But do not completely trust what whatever method, because none of them does not give an absolute guarantee.

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