How to recognize early pregnancy

However, there are several signs indirectly indicating pregnancy, here are some of them:

  • Nausea, especially in the morning or, for example, in a stuffy bus.
  • Increased sensitivity to smell and taste sensations exacerbation.
  • breast swelling, tenderness, nipple, sometimes - the allocation of colostrum.
  • unaccustomed irritability, mood swings.

However, these individual characteristics, for example, someone much want to have someone to sleep, and someone - no end to make love.

Sometimes gynecologist appoints US in the early stages , to make sure that the pregnancy in the first place, there is, and secondly, that the fertilized egg in the womb.Register with the women's clinic, it is desirable to twelve weeks to go through all the necessary inspections and tests on time.

Development kid

first trimester of pregnancy - a time when the child lays all the major organs.At about the eighth week of its growth is about two and a half centimeters, formed arms, legs, kidneys, liver, digestive system, whi

le it has been the heart beats.By the tenth week, he can move, although my mother had not yet felt.US for a period of twelve weeks allows you to see the child's facial features.By this time the baby reaches a growth of about six centimeters.

What you need to know the woman

If a woman feels good, then it can continue to operate, but it is advisable to take help from a gynecologist and go to the light work, or transfer to the half rate not to overwork.There are better and a little more often, including in the diet of meat, fish, cereals, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.Recommended daily walks in the fresh air.If a woman is before pregnancy are actively involved in sports, you should consult with your doctor to correctly calculate the load.As a rule, it is not necessary to cancel classes, it is only necessary to eliminate traumatic moments (such as horse racing or boxing).Optimal types of activities - swimming pool and yoga, but at this time it is not necessary to start any exercise from scratch, it is better to wait for the second trimester, and gradually integrate into a class. sex early in pregnancy quite possible, provided that there are no contraindications a doctor.Of course, the future parents have to be more careful.


doctor may give direction to the treatment in a hospital in case of a strong toxicity or threat of miscarriage.If possible, it is best not to abandon the hospital, as under constant supervision of doctors to continue the pregnancy, and restore well-being is much easier than at home.When the main threat to pass, you can ask the doctor to translate for outpatient pregnant or give direction to a special sanatorium.

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