Ossetian pies: a special recipe

Traditional Ossetian pies

Traditionally Ossetia prepared odd number of pies , usually 3 in a sign of unity of the sun, the earth and the sky, and served them on a platter, stacked like pancakes.Pies before being smeared with melted butter, a bowl with melted butter is placed next to the dish, which were cakes to guest could dip into the oil cake.Cut Ossetian pies instead of one, and a stack.

special occasions could bake pies 5 or 7, and sorrowful occasions baked pies odd number - 4 or 6. We offer you cook Ossetian pies prescription for which they prepare in their homeland in South Ossetia.

Ossetian pies: dough recipe

Ossetian pies baked from both the dough and of unleavened.If you are using ordinary baker's yeast, then, before kneading the dough, you need to prepare the brew.A simpler and faster to use dry yeast - they simply kneaded into a dough.

To test for the Ossetian pie prescription you need:

  • 1-1,5 hours. L.dry yeast;
  • 850 ml of milk or whey;
  • 1 ch. L.salt;
  • 1 tbsp.l.sugar;
  • about 3 cups flour;
  • little butter.

Knead the dough sparsely (it should be flexible but not steep) and put it in the heat for an hour.Then whip it back and leave.The dough should be insisted and well up.Then divide the dough into 3 parts by the number of pies.

When cooking Ossetian pies not use a rolling pin: hostess does everything with his hands, and how adept it depends also how thin and flat cakes are obtained.

So, roll out each piece of dough in the hands of a small cake in the center of each make a small indentation and slide to lay out the stuffing.Now wrap the edges up and connect, forming a kind of bags filled.Now hands start from the center to the edge of the roll cakes so that in the end you get 3 flat cake.While cakes roll it, turn on the oven to heat up.When your cake will be formed, make a hole in the center of each small steam outlet and put them bake 20-25 minutes at 180 C. °

Ossetian pies: recipes for stuffing

Traditionally Ossetian pies made with fillings, which are based on the cheese, and the cheese any and home Ossetian cheese.You can replace it Adygei cheese or suluguni and can make homemade cheese from milk, cheese, butter and eggs.

cheese for the filling thoroughly kneaded or crushed and mixed with butter and sour cream.You can add to it and greens.As such, the cheese already can act as an independent Ossetian pie fillings.Also, it can be mixed with other products:

  • with cottage cheese and eggs;
  • with boiled and mashed potatoes;
  • with crushed leaves of beet (beet tops);
  • with shredded braised cabbage;
  • with chopped pumpkin and others.

according to the same recipe prepared and Ossetian pies. To do this, as a rule, take the finely chopped boiled beef.Meat should not be bold.You can, of course, take and ground beef and put it out with vegetables (tomato, onion, minced garlic) and spices.But Ossetian pies on a traditional recipe stuffing made from boiled beef, which is finely chopped with a knife.

Features cooking Ossetian pie with meat is the need to mix the stuffing with the broth for greater richness, and pour the broth into the hole in the center of the cake during baking - then the cake will be really juicy.Also cakes made with beans, wild garlic and other fillings.

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