Christmas drinks around the world

Christmas drinks around the

Dec. 31, Russia. New Year's Eve Russians traditionally meet at home with the family.Mood supports flashing green garland on a tree and the smell of tangerines.A festive table all the attention - the president.With the chimes opens traditional bottle of champagne , sound good wishes.

Christmas drinks around the

Christmas drinks around the January 1 US .At this time, the Russians usually sleep or eat up and drink up reserves from the "past" of the year.The magical atmosphere of the festival has little to give.Therefore, we offer you a trip to the United States and try them traditional eggnog .

All ingredients of this American beverage can be bought in Russia and to cook it at home.For the alcoholic base is better to take a brandy with ice.Then do not be afraid to add milk, egg, sugar.Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain.The taste of the Christmas drink sweet, reminiscent of eggnog with a touch of alcohol.

January 2 France .Outside, an empty city, and the apartment Pa

risian mood. cup translated from French as "pitcher."Therefore it is logical to prepare a carafe of Christmas drink. Christmas drinks around the

better to choose the more familiar orange recipe, not strawberry or melon cup version.For this 6 orange peel and cut into pieces.Sprinkle with sugar and pour brandy.Now squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and add 750 ml of dry white wine.Let sit for an hour in the refrigerator.Before serving, pour 800 ml of champagne and sparkling water.To taste this cold carbonated beverage bit like punch.

Christmas drinks around the January 3, Germany. country slowly begins to wake up, and you at the light began to wander relatives.Invite them to walk after a frosty glass of hot mulled wine .This German Christmas drink gained popularity in Russia because of its unusual taste and ease of preparation of mulled wine .Just something and you need to warm up (but not boiling) red wine, add spices and let stand.As a seasoning generally used sugar, zest and cloves.

Christmas drinks around the January 4, Sweden. .Your guests have not gone and require continuation of the banquet?We will not go to the path chosen in the framework of "Alcoholic tour."Prepare like glitveyn, yet another drink.

In Sweden, winter holidays hot drink grape wine, but other spices are added, it is called GLEG .And if dried tangerine peels deficit in the New Year holidays not, find nutmeg and vanilla life will be more difficult.But for the sake glega worth the effort.

find the right ingredients, add them to the hot but not boiled red wine.You also need to fill in a pan a little cinnamon, sugar, cloves.For sharpness - grated ginger root.Before serving, add the Swedes in their Christmas drink glass of brandy or rum, a handful of nuts and raisins.

Christmas drinks around the January 5 Japan. It is time to get rid of sweetheart, but sat up relatives.And it can be done, going with them to a mutual friend.Therefore, the next portion of the beverage overseas have to take with you.Especially away empty-handed come not accepted.If you choose for the next cultural education traditional Christmas drink Japan , cooking does not have to - enough to buy in the local supermarket bottle SACE .

Christmas drinks around the January 6, the Netherlands. After 5 days of celebrating the body require soft drinks.In the Netherlands, for example, drink hot milk tea - Sljeme .The Dutch added to your drink lemon peel, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and saffron.

Christmas drinks around the January 7, Finland. The Christmas holiday without breaking the Orthodox tradition, you can prepare FINNISH Kiselev .It is prepared from wild berries and add the cream.There is certainly a recipe for hot, with the addition of cranberry liqueur.

Christmas drinks around the January 8 England .On the last day before going to work you should not drink alcohol.His culinary journey can be completed by preparing non-alcoholic punch .This drink originated in India after was introduced to England and then became widespread throughout Europe.

Underlying punch - apple juice.It must be warm in a saucepan.Spices do not throw loose.Orange zest, cloves and nutmeg leave to cook in the node gauze.After 20 minutes, the drink is poured into the glasses and add the cinnamon sticks.

So, in just one New Year holidays did you manage to get a taste of a foreign holiday.The preparation of all these drinks do not require any special culinary skills, and wine does not harm the figure.

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