Vitamin stock: Jam mandarins

Tangerine jam - an unusual treat, because we are more accustomed to eating jam from berries and fruits, and drink fresh tangerines.But you should definitely learn how to cook jam mandarins - it tasty and flavorful, and vitamins, they can even feast on those who are sitting on a diet!

recipe jam mandarin

Jam mandarins preparing pretty simple.All you need to - 0,5 kg of tangerines, 1 kg of sugar and 1 liter of water.

1. Tangerines mandarin jam choose thin-skinned, better pitted small .Well suited mandarins Turkish or Moroccan.Tangerines need to rinse well under running water - you cook them with the skin, so they must be clean.Put tangerines in a deep plate or bowl, cover with cold water and leave for a full day - so you soak the bitterness of tangerine.

2. A day Drain, rinse well again tangerines and cut into slices (slices thickness should be no more than 1 cm).If you see the bone, remove them.

3. sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtangerines lay in a deep pan, cover with water and add sugar.Stir again and leave for a


4. A day later put the pot on the stove, turn on medium heat and begin cooking.When the contents of the pan begins to boil, reduce heat and cook the jam until it thickens, do not forget to stir a wooden spatula so that it does not stick.

5. When the jam reaches the desired consistency, lay it on the sterilized jars, close them and put up bottomed cool.Keep out of the jam is better in the dark.

Cook jam mandarins: the little tricks

  • to your jam mandarin was her sweeter and more fragrant, add during cooking citrus liqueur (described on the number of jam enough 1 tbsp. Liqueur).
  • utensils that you used in the preparation of tangerine jam, thoroughly rinse with baking soda and rinse in hot water - so you're sure to wash away the dishes acid and essential oils.
  • boiled mandarin can add a little cinnamon or vanilla - they will give zest to taste jam.
  • Half lemon , added to the mandarins in the process of making jam, give it an exotic sour.
  • in orange or tangerine jam can add pumpkin - a taste of the jam will be softer.
  • If in the process of making jam mandarin you still have bones, do not rush to throw them away.Collect bones in a gauze bag and add to the pan during cooking.The bones contain pectin , which will give your jam mandarin jelly form - it will not jam and marmalade .Check consistency of jam, dropping a little bit of it on a saucer and put the saucer on a few minutes in the refrigerator.When the jam thickens, it is ready.

Vitamin stock jam mandarin

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