Soft and juicy pork at home

I will start from afar: I recently in some run-down dining took himself boiled pork and what was my surprise when it turned out the most delicious that I ate the last six months.I ate the meat in seconds - it was incredibly tender, juicy, moderately salty.And then I wondered, and how it is prepared - can be boiled or stewed or baked?Perhaps it added something specific, and therefore to prepare a boiled pork at home is simply impossible?Everything was much simpler.

home baked ham for this recipe I cooked for the first time and it came out very tasty.I also liked the fact that almost nothing to do - all very easy and simple. BUT: if you plan to cook boiled pork lo fit for dinner, how would not it - to cook boiled pork in the oven you must first marinated meat for 1-2 days, and then simmer for another 2-3 hours. So the recipe is not quick, but it's worth it.

Baked ham at home: a recipe

  • 1,5-2 kg of chilled pork (better to take the neck without bones, while pork is fat and juicy);
  • fresh herbs (parsley, basil, dill);
  • 1 onion;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • lemon;
  • salt and pepper.
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not use for cooking pork frozen meat, suitable for cooling only, otherwise the desired taste you get.I used boneless pork neck, but you can take the other part.Better to choose the meat streaked with fat - is a guarantee that it will not turn home baked dry.Remember that meat slightly Ujar and the piece will be smaller than in the raw form, so the meat should be at least 1.5 kg.

Marinate meat: sharp knife, pierce right through him in several places, pepper, add the chopped herbs and garlic, onion half rings.A little onion and garlic shove into the slits in the meat.Good salt meat, so it should prosolitsya inside, but do not overdo it.The last thing to squeeze the meat fresh lemon juice (half a lemon is enough).

Baked ham at home: Step 1

Put the meat in a bowl, press down the plate, and on top put something heavy - for example, a jar of pickles.Put the meat in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.A day later, turn the meat.

After marinate the meat, put it on the foil.

Baked ham at home: Step 2

Now it is important to wrap up: a first layer do something like a cup of the juice is not leaked.Then fully wrap the meat the second layer and the third. important to make several layers of foil, so that the meat is not dried up in the oven. also about ratite account that should be at the top of the shiny side of the foil, and not dull!
Put boiled pork wrapped in the pan.

Baked ham at home: Step 3

Preheat the oven to 200-220 ° C and put the pan in the oven.Meat should immediately grab the heat if you cook it in a rustic oven. After 10-15 minutes, reduce temperature to 160 ° C and simmer the meat for 2 hours.Then turn off the oven and let the pork in it will stand even minutes 20.

Baked ham at home: Step 4

All you boiled pork cooked at home!Now carefully expand the foil to the juice flowed out, and slice meat in neat layers.As a side dish is perfect mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Baked ham at home: Step 5

Bon appetit!

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