Eggnog: it's fun

«eggnog» - it is really versatile dish: it is called dessert, nutritious drink for children, with "eggnog" can also be prepared with the addition of alcohol, which puts him by the category "foradults. "In addition « eggnog» considered a remedy for stranded voice and sore throat.With hoarseness this remedy will help to cope in no

What is "eggnog"?

In the United dictionary of culinary terms «eggnog" is defined as an intermediate degree between drinks and meals (interesting solution, given the variety of recipes).Regardless, drink, meal, whether it's a drug, any "eggnog" is the foundation - an egg.As a rule, used the whipped yolks, mashed with sugar.But Russia is also a popular option is to "eggnog" of all the eggs with salt and bread.There are also options for "eggnog" only one protein.Generally, you can meet a lot of variations of this dish: with the addition of alcohol (wine, rum, brandy), honey, cocoa, fruits and fruit juices.

classic recipe

eggnog of protein

What a strange name?

According to etymological dictionary Krylov name of this dish migrated into the Russian language from the Polish.Polish kogel-mogel means the same as the Russian « eggnog » - whipped egg yolk with sugar.Only here in the Russian version of the first part of the name (kogel) sounds like "Goldeneye."But the history of the name "eggnog" is not so simple: in Poland it got from the German and dates back to «kuddel-muddel», which means "a hodgepodge» .Renowned linguist Fasmer in his dictionary offers a different version of origin: from the English. « hug-mug», «hugger-mugger» .However, the previous version associated with the Polish and German, is also represented in the dictionary Vasmer Max.He points to two other versions of this dish sound: St. Petersburg "Gogel-Mogel» and Smolensk "gogal-mogal."

Origin drink

As for the invention "eggnog", in this respect it can truly be called legendary.Today, there are several versions of the origin of the drink.

According to the first version , a cocktail invented by a German confectioner Manfred Kёkenbauer known adept in experiments on the preservation of sweets.The result of his experiments very much liked the largest food concern, which bought the patent for the mass production of "eggnog".

Another version of the legend is not very much looks like: cantor from Mogilev (aka - "grave"), who bore the name Gogel, once lost his voice and was unable to perform his duties in the synagogue.It is clear that the situation has not arisen cantor arranged: who wants to lose a job, so even with a sore throat sit?And Gogel invented the recipe: "take the cheese and egg koknut in a mug, crumble the bread, salt and shake."

This case is not without women: third version says that on "eggnog" Bronislaw bother Countess Potocki.Pani Potocki, famous for its beautiful voice, faced as Gogel, a disease of the throat, prevented her favorite songs to perform.Recipe Countess looked slightly different: instead of bread she added honey.Apparently, the Countess as a woman felt how useful honey bread and bread adds that the use of calorie dish."Gogel-Mogel" Countess became known as "eggnog".Perhaps this is motivated by the following associative bunch egg - duck, diving duck called strut of duck family (at least remember the phrase "walking by Gogol," associated with the gait of a duck: a protruding chest and his head thrown back).

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