What to cook for February 14: Romantic menu

that the man was ecstatic and in love, it is necessary to surprise and pamper.In Valentine's Day it is necessary to surprise and pamper with a vengeance, that he realized the necessity of this holiday and was looking forward to it all year.A good way to treat a man (and a favorite too) - it is a holiday romantic dinner.So, what to cook for February 14?


Even if you are used to eating in front of TV, tucking his feet under him, in the day you will have to try and give a solemn moment. Cover a table for two.Use in table setting accessories with the image of hearts and flowers, red and maroon tones, candles.Drinks will also let the red - it's the color of passion.

Food: What to cook for February 14

your romantic dinner should be hearty, but you should not overeat and fall asleep at the table (most likely, you and your loved one already has plans for what to do after dinner).So do not try to prepare it for the whole world - you two have enough pairs of light snacks, hot dishes and desse

rts. Avoid fatty foods (meats, cheese) - it does not ignite the passion in you, but rather give you rest, relax and tranquilize.

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

If your loved one loves seafood,
recommend just such a simple and effective supply of food

First, a little theory. It is best to use for kindling passion-aphrodisiac dishes: vegetables, fruit, nuts, chocolate, seafood, hot spices, red wine.Lovers of wine cheese snack caution: this kit in your stomach can arrange the unexpected wildness better use as a snack to blame meat and fruit.

thinking what to cook for February 14, remember that all meals must be such that it can be nice to eat (not to stain).

Romantic menu

begin with appetizers.

holidays and will look unusual (and gladly eaten) savory and sweet snacks from the Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. For example, a salad of pineapple, chicken and cashews in a spicy Thai sauce, a light salad with tomatoes, feta and lettuce with black pepper, pineapple canap├ęs, seafood and olives.

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

basis of this salad - pineapple, chicken and cashews.
They can complement other ingredients to taste

Fry eggplant in garlic sauce and wrap them into rolls stuffed with curd cheese and herbs.Prepare an unusual Chinese salad stewed oranges and pine nuts.

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

lettuce, orange, grated cheddar cheese, pine nuts,
sesame seeds, sesame oil and a little orange juice,
few drops several acute - soy sauce, Chinese and bright salad is ready!

sure to put on the table assorted nuts and fruit plate (aphrodisiacs, do not forget).

Now go to the hot. It must also be low-fat, light and unusual taste different.Discard the lamb, fatty meats, smoked meats, hearty soups.Serve light pasta with seafood, braised in white wine and cream.Or fry chicken in breading of ground oatmeal.You can cook the fish baked in foil with lemon juice and paprika.

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

If your significant other does not recognize the dinner without meat, bake it on the bone -
it will help you not to get dirty.The fish is a good cook, if you
not a lot of time - it will be ready much faster meat

lovers of Asian cuisine will be happy to see on the table spicy Thai Tom Yam soup or cooked in the best Chinese tradition of fried chicken with tomatoes and sweetpepper.You can also cook grilled salmon or salmon.

What sweet cook for February 14?Desserts should be light and non-greasy. Choose fruit and dairy desserts: puddings, parfaits, and, of course, chocolate.You can dip strawberries or banana slices in hot chocolate and chill in the refrigerator.A win-win for the two dessert - ice cream.It is, though cold, further ignite your passion.

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

Home for dessert - not abundant, and design.Plates can decorate
melted chocolate using Funtik or pastry syringe

What to cook on February 14 - a romantic menu

cream can flavor a good portion of berries,
raisins or nuts and served with sweet sauce

And ...

is important not only to knowwhat to cook for February 14 and what gift to buy - turn off laptops, phones, televisions. Even the most delicious and unusual dinner will be spoiled if you upload a photo of the table in the "Instagram", and he - to watch hockey.Spend time with each other, forgetting at least one night of the existence of the rest of the world.And all will be well.

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