How to make coffee in Turku: the secrets of the coffee

Why coffee Turk most delicious

not argue, coffee comfortable and all she does is so clever.Or coffee.Or, at worst, will instant coffee ... and the Turks - it's, like, a long time, and tries to escape a drink, and all the magic of some kind.Is not it easier in the press or in the coffee maker to brew?

easier.But what makes a delicious coffee, good morning, and you happy, disappears. Eliminates the magic of coffee: clever technique does everything for you. you will not feel as disclosed wonderful aroma of coffee, like a bud of spring roses, you will not experience pleasure, taking the Turk with the plate in the most essential point, you do not say, "I made coffee," if you do not brewed coffee in Turku.

how to brew coffee in Turku technology

To get a tasty coffee, copper, select the Turk with a narrow neck is not very large in size - 1-2 servings.The main condition of boiling coffee in a Turk: Turk heated on the stove should be slow. In this case the rush inappropriate.

water you pour in Turku,

should be cold, turn the stove on a small fire.Only in this way will be able to give coffee its full flavor and aroma without a trace.Water for coffee should be fresh, clean, filtered or bottled.Naturally, he must be of high quality coffee.It is better to buy it in the beans and grind just before cooking.Grinding coffee for the Turks should be fine.

Coffee brewed in Turku since:

1. Finely ground coffee, pour in Turku (enough for 1 serving 1 hour. L. With slide).Add the sugar.If you put in your coffee or cinnamon, ginger, and add them.

2. Now pour the coffee with cold water and place on a cold plate, switch to a small fire and wait.

3. When the coffee warms up (this will be seen - coffee powder float to the surface, the coffee will "hiss"), stir it, that there was a light brown foam.Mix only 1 time!Now again wait.

4. Foam will darken, and when it begins to rise (it does lazily like coffee breathing), remove coffee.It is impossible to drink a boil, and it will kill the taste and aroma of coffee.

5. After removing from heat Turk, do not rush to pour the coffee into the cup, let it brew for at least half a minute.And then gently, trying to keep the foam, pour into cups.

How to make coffee in Turku right

how to brew coffee in Turku secrets of the coffee

There are special tricks that will help you cook fantastic coffee in Turku.Here are some of them.

1. Warms and instant coffee tones with red pepper.

2. In addition to cinnamon, vanilla and ginger can be added to coffee cardamom, star anise, cloves, oregano, saffron, cloves and candied fruits.

3. To aroma of coffee has become even stronger in a few seconds before the Turk, remove from the stove, you need to throw a pinch of salt.The taste will not be affected and will enhance the flavor.

4. Coffee with caramel flavor can be obtained if you first pour in Turku sugar and put it on the fire (without water).When the sugar begins to melt, add water and coffee, stir and put the cold tile on a small fire.

5. You can also boil in the first Turk sugar with water, then add the coffee, stir and put on cold plates - so coffee taste is milder, and on the surface of the drink will be dense thick foam.

Such good coffee serve homemade chocolate brownie with a damp midway or tiramisu, but by itself it is excellent.

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