Create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

1. Get rid of clutter.

2. Arrange the bedroom in the accepted style.

3. Use different decorations as part of the decor, that they please you.

4. Paint the bedroom walls in soft tones.

5. Hang your favorite picture or photo.

6. Choose quality linens.

7. The main bedroom - of course, the bed.Therefore, be sure to buy a very good bed.It should be as easy as possible.You can decorate it with canopies.Order a bed of any of the original shape (eg, round or heart-shaped).

8. curtains with beads and iridescent crystals add elegance bedroom.The curtains should be in harmony with the bedding.

9. Hang a chandelier in the center of the elegant bedrooms and a number of auxiliary light sources with different power and color.

10. Pay attention to detail.Elegant dressing table or a treasure chest, a favorite picture on the coffee table will bring positive emotions into the bedroom.

11. Lay on the bed pillows of different colors and sizes.

12. Put on both sides of the bed mats they need to wrap the feet with

tenderness and softness.

13. Add decorative elements.

14. Sweet smells, the air saturated with the scent of candles and evoke a sense of relaxation.

15. Put fresh flowers, live better, even field.

16. Candles have always been associated with romance.Nothing adds passion in a cold evening, as the warm glow of candles.

17. Perfume your sheets and pillowcases: spray perfume on them with soft woody smell.

18. Keep your favorite CDs with romantic music at your fingertips;Music - one of the easiest ways to create the right mood.Do not put a TV in the bedroom.

19. Strawberries and whipped cream on a small tray next to the bed.Wine and glasses are also ideal for a romantic evening at home.

Create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom and Bring a bright spark in your family life!

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