We make house in autumn style

for interior use the saturated colors with warm palette.The leading tones let become red, maroon and burgundy - colored maple leaves, mature mountain ash and liquid apples.Associated shades can be coffee, brick red, orange.Bright accents Arrange green, gold, purple and sky blue.Autumn metals - gold and copper.Used for decoration fabric may be soft and warm (velvet, plush, felt) or rough, rustic - linen, sheeting, burlap.Before placing your apartment, do not forget to spend spring cleaning, get rid of clutter and dust accumulated over the summer in the corners.The windows need to be crystal clear, open to the last in this year's warm ray of sunshine and azure sky.

keep warm

Not far off the autumn chill, and so want to keep the heat in the house and paint the Indian summer!Let's be warmed - Get a mezzanine warm carpets, blankets and cushions.Small pads warm autumn colors spread out on sofas and chairs.Let them be different colors and shapes - so even more interesting.Particularly original and comfort

able cushions will look, in the technique of patchwork (patchwork) or with application of linen fedoras autumn leaves.

Sex should be warm, so the carpet can not do without.If the existing floor coverings in the house are pretty fed up, try to combine them.The trend this fall - layering.Revive the interior, spread out over the warm plush carpet or fur rug.You can combine several carpets, only the following to the bottom was on the area above the upper - to be visible layers.

burning fireplace - the constant companion cozy autumn evenings.Decorate him bouquets of crimson leaves, pine cones, and bunches of rowan ripe ears.Central fireplace striking element of the composition may be ripe pumpkin.


Now is the time to make the interior bright autumn touches.They can be pictures and autumn composition.

decorating the house with paintings or photos, do not forget about the seasonal colors.Genre can be very different - from landscape to abstraction.With the compositions of natural flowers, fruits and autumn natural materials can be combined with any pictures except for still life - surrounded by similar objects of "real world" image is lost.The walls of the home can also arrange tapestries - they carry the necessary style.Then you and the rough texture of natural cloth, and blurred lines of the image - in the autumn mist.

create a composition

absolute favorite fall decoration - is, of course, the composition.And, of course, natural.Gather in the house all that can please us fall.Tiny bouquets of autumn leaves and dried flowers Arrange in a wooden or glass vases with unusual shapes.Nuts, chestnuts, ash and viburnum bunches combine with golden foliage and beautifully spread out on a crystal platter - great autumn decorations for the table and the interior.

Do not forget to indulge in a bouquet of autumn flowers.Because of its durability, they will delight you long velvet restrained beauty.Dahlia, marigold, aster, gerbera - Combine to your taste, creating an original and fresh compositions.Bright flower solution for the kitchen - a bouquet of sunflowers.Put a vase of these flowers in a small wicker basket or wooden box to recreate the rustic style.

very interesting to look multilayer bulk composition of natural material.You can create them in a transparent vase, or normal glass jar.Bulk materials can serve a variety of spices, cereals, coffee beans, beans, nuts, acorns, dried and chopped herbs.The layers are poured in turn and partially mixed, create very interesting effects.In this technique, you can draw a candlestick - Place a thick candle in a glass vase is the same height and a slightly larger diameter, empty space is filled with bulk material, leaving a few centimeters spark free.By combining two glass jars and in the same way to fill the void, you can create an original vase for flowers.

Collect harvest

Following ancient Slavic traditions and decorate the kitchen or hallway autumn fruits and herbs.In the box of rough wood decomposable miniature pumpkins, walnuts, golden and purple onions and bunches of bright decorate composition of Viburnum or mountain ash.

add the finishing touches

cozy house - is not only comfortable, warm and pleasing to the eye colors, but also unique flavor, remembering that you are even faster to rush home after a hard day's work.Created on a beautiful dish composition of cinnamon sticks, cloves, hazelnuts, dried lavender, and orange slices.Add a few drops of oil - and here it is, the scent of the autumn atmosphere.

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