How to Choose a Home Textiles

diverse functions of home textiles: it gives the room a cozy, visually change the space, emphasizing the intimate or "public" nature of the premises, and generally plays an important role in the formation of the atmosphere in the house.

Living room - this is the place where a person spends free time, communicate with family and hosts.

Home Accessories in textile design are the curtains.If the windows face south, it is best to choose fabric purple, blue (cool colors), or gray.To pick up the north side curtains of warm colors: yellow, light brown, beige.

course, the curtains hung at the windows after being completed major work on the design of the room.Therefore, it may be advisable to start from the general style decision living room.For example, living in the Baroque style requires Austrian curtains (it's a gathered fabric of different textures).You can make a summer and winter versions."Summer" curtains will be transparent and light, and for the "winter" is selected brocade, velvet or other dens

e fabric.

But for modern design suited Japanese curtains made of fabric stretched on a wooden, plastic or aluminum frame.

finishing touch to create the interior design of the living room is its decorative elements - a tablecloth on the dining table, blankets, pillows, draperies.


cozy bedroom is impossible to imagine without textile - curtains, drapes, bedspreads and pillows.By the choice of textiles have to start at the end of the main stage finish, as a start it should be off the floor and walls.The surface of these muted, the fabric should be saturated and, respectively, vice versa.

Rules governing the coloristic bedrooms, as there are none, but the designers are advised to pay special attention to this point.Win-win, perfect for modern apartments, - white decor that fits into any interior and creates a feeling of cleanliness.Use white fabric does not prohibit to enter bright accents - red, blue, orange.It can be pillows, curtains Holders, ribbons on the bedspread.

Experimenters can arrange a bedroom in intense, vibrant colors.They will give the situation a little expression and make the most intimate atmosphere.For this purpose, a well selected draped soft tissue.Curtains can blend in with the overall color scheme, or may contrast with it.In the latter case is effectively isolate the zone of the window: hang the curtains on a warm contrast to the cold wallpaper.

The choice of textiles affects the size of the room.In the tiny bedroom with a window in the wall of place a major figure on the curtains, while on the attic window will look good Roman blinds.A small opening in the wall to increase the curtain the wall.

Do not forget about the little things bedspreads, cushions.Pillow - a versatile accessory that accompanies the general mood.For example, in the Japanese concept of fit white floor cushions with green or black accents in minimalist - pillows and blankets calm colors with clean lines.


the kitchen for breakfast and dinner each family member, and the dining table are going to friends and family to spend time for sincere conversation.That is why it is so important to the atmosphere of the room was nice, positioning, warm.Beautiful kitchen towels, festive tablecloth, napkins stylish and suitable topics tack give the kitchen perfection, why there are so pleased to be.

The most common materials used for production of kitchen textiles - cotton, tulle, organza, silk, linen.Connoisseurs prefer refined style satin and velvet.Thrifty housewives like synthetic fabric.

color and texture of napkins and tablecloths must be combined with the rest of the furniture and decorative elements.For example, if the windows are decorated with heavy drapes, should pick up the swipe of a material of curtains, expensive tablecloth table draperies with frills and ruffles.Minimalist style has a simple-to-use plain fabrics.


Textiles bathroom is primarily a towel.They should choose from fluffy cotton material.As part should not be synthetic.These towels are absorbent and dry instantly.At the sink conveniently placed towels and towels for domestic purposes (cleaning dust, sanitary ware, trays, cabinets, etc.).


The children's room is not without bedding, rugs, pillows, curtains, canopies and other details.However, parents should take into account that the environment in which the child grows and develops, largely affects the formation of his personality.It makes sense to use a combination of two or three similar shades.The best effect on the child's psyche have orange, green and yellow.Psychologists say that the development of the child contribute to the solar interior.

One of the main principles of selection of fabrics for nursery - minimalism.Shuttlecocks on the curtains, lush ruffles, high-pile carpets - dust collectors and potential allergens.Carpets better to buy a short nap, which include not more than 50% synthetic fibers.And you can do without them altogether.

should also take into account that children's textiles requires regular and thorough washing, so the fabric must be compact and not susceptible to molt.It is advisable to focus on environmentally friendly, natural materials.

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